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  1. About Spider Queen it seems like it was false alarm - weirdly enough one did emerge for me today. Was their time to spawn increased? I seem to remember them always popping up all over the place. Regardless, it seems spider queens are working fine, so I apologise for false alarm. Other things i mentioned are still there - that light circle thats left after returning to surface world after caves and also only 1 dog attacking you when you leave caves and its time for hound wave. One more thing to report is i am getting some dogs spawning inside boundaries of the ocean each hound wave. I am pretty sure that shouldn't be so. And one more - something's wrong with worlds transition and time. I was like 2 days into winter when i gone spelunking into caves for a while with a lot of supplies, reached ruins and stayed there for at least 3-4 days. But when i got out, suddenly it was 8th day of autumn. Also the game froze when tried to do an autosave shortly after.
  2. What the topic name says - i have a lone spider den next to my base for like 5 seasons already and it doesn't evolve into a Spider Queen, despite me hanging out nearby and killing spiders for days. Its a RoG game, compatible with Hamlet DLC. DLC also brought back some previously solved bugs, like dog waves spawning only 1 dog after cave exit and also the lighting glitch with circle of light staying around sinkhole when you exit it.
  3. This also is true for leaving the caves in RoG world linked to SW. When you get out of the Caves next hound attack will only have 1 dog. Pretty nice, actually, I always hated that welcoming commitee they always send to greet your half dead, insane character, that miraculously escaped the horrors of the caves only to get eaten by dogs on the way home.
  4. Three bee related bugs for the price of one: 1. You can' sever bee's connection to the hive\bee box via using Bug Net anymore. Catched and released bees behave as if they were still tied to a hive - in evening they try to return to it, hovering over hteir former hive all evening and night. I am pretty sure that after being catched and released they supposed to be homeless - pollinating and spawning flowers during day and evening and sleeping on the ground at night. Same thing happens to released Killer Bees as well - they endlessly hover over their former hive if they aren't aggroed to anything else. Reloading the game fixes their AI, making bees properly homeless. Problem persists both in RoG worlds without Shipwrecked compatibility and Shipwrecked worlds. Completely deleting any mods and reinstalling the game from scratch didn't help - its a game's issue, not mod compatibility one. 2. Killer Bees endlessly try to sting a Crabbit that buried himself in sand. I thought mobs are supposed to lose interest in hidden Crabbits, apparently it doesn't apply to bees. It probably should. Its not critical, but those issues are mildly annoying, so please do fix them. I know you guys have a lof of stuff going on with Oxygen and DS Together, but please show single player DS some love from time to time. 3. From time to time killing Killer Bees will leave their buzzing sound repeating itself in the area where bees were killed. Reloading the game helps get rid of it and it happens sometimes, sometimes it doesn't, so I can't really say how to reproduce it. Just killing bees will eventually cause this bug.
  5. Madman's Fighting Pack

    Thx, for kind words, @eyesea I don't remember any part of code in MFP, that could affect pickaxes, so i think maybe it caused by another mod. At least when Iplayed with MFP, I did not encounter such problems. @BlackironTarkus I intended (and still intend) to think of some fun ranged weaponry to add. Sadly now that I am a manager, not a pupil, I have very little time. But I'll do it eventually. About armor I don't really think there needs to be another low tier armor... At least between log suit and Grass suit. I am thinking of adding some armors that shield against freezing and overheating (providing low and mid tier insulation) as well as reducing damage for seasonal fighting. The hard part is to make them perishable by time and by taking enough damage at the same time.
  6. Madman's Fighting Pack

    No, it didn't stopped, I just hit something of a creative slump, when I am free from uni, but still don't have enough time and don't have enough ideas... I'll post something here, when I start adding new items.
  7. Never enough free time...

  8. Dinging is gone. Finally I can play again. Thanks @SethR
  9. Good thing. As always, thanks for your hard work and fast responses.
  10. Happy to help. I love this game.
  11. The Hardest Season: Winter or Summer?

    Yup, gunpowder. I don't really like getting close and personal with Dragonfly, so lots of gunpowder. I like to play as Woodie - so no Old Bell... And I also like to cause earthquakes.
  12. Just checked - all files okay... Here's the videofile. EDIT: Damn, its rather big And I unfortunately can't upload it on YouTube right now( Okay - i made one with worse quality and uploaded it:
  13. Yep, it was definitely "new recipe" type of ding - and "Light" tab keeps pulsing when I gather items. Sounds are muffled no more even in my save, but dinging still there. Maybe something in my save broke?
  14. Somehow this one fix does not work for me... Maybe its my save, but damn dinging is still in place. Even picking flowers causes it(
  15. Well, hopefully, as SethR said next hotfix will erase this problem and will not add a bunch of new ones=))