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  1. Freezer

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    Yes i did do that. Is that a problem? Plus i notice that it says ROG compatible = False does this mean this mod doesn't work with ROG or can i just turn this true.  


    Never Mind I happened to just never test it out on Don't starve without ROG it seem like you had the mod turn off when ROG was on in the Info file. I'm guessing you didn't want this mod to be used in ROG? My bad 

  2. Freezer

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    Thais Weird i'm running on the very latest version that came out 2 day ago Build 104053 and the crafting for the freezer isnt showing up at all. i also disabled all the mods and just left freezer alone still doesn't show up

  3. Lol I am soo sorry i got it to work, it was something that was with the build not being up to date that why 2.6.0 worked but not 2.6.1 and up it is because this instance of the game has not been updated since a hot fix was applied. Again i am sorry its because of me running a copied game onto my desktop from my steam files. Sorry for the inconvenience 

  4. I did everything as you told and the error still occurs. Yes i am using the DLC however i also tested the mod without the dlc turned on and the problem still occurs. Also i am not using a controller i use regular mouse and keyboard. btw the mod worked perfectly fine on 2.6.0 then stopped working on 2.6.1 and forward. Perhaps a change made in the versions causes this?


    Edit: Is it really a problem with my game? works fine without the mod on though2zdx5oh.png

  5. I was running a few tests on the mod and the problem still persist with clicking on the Dress tabs and the darkmatter tab.

    As for the in compatibility the trading system mod seem to have no problems with the EE mod mainly because the mod is crashing all on its own, as for other crashes i am uncertain.2d14gb4.png