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  1. Testing if I can still reply to this thread haha. Alright I can, coolness. Have a silly Wilson.
  2. Thulecite Wilson is an adorable Wilson.
  3. It's been a while, I haven't a clue how to post things correctly on this new layout ;v; Have an adorable little Demon Maxwell gif.
  4. The other program that I use mainly for my artwork is paint tool SAI, which is actually a pretty cool free art program. Also I use a genious tablet in my artwork c: Thank you so much for your sweet comment!
  5. Thank you my friend <3 I love working in pixels. He does quite a bit doesn't he? Doesn't help I got his tail wrong but I didn't have a ref with me at the time :c {Also Wortox doesn't have an amazing beard like Krampus}
  6. Human!Krampus.'Doodling on the bus' also known as '**** I think I made him kinda hot.' A story by ScoutWings
  7. Lonely? Too lazy to catch an actual bird? There's plenty of cogs, so why not make yourself a bird pal instead of course. And they're not as noisy.
  8. Will do! c: You're far too sweet, thank you very much Lizard <3
  9. If you look close enough there's stains of those he's murdered on his shirt. uvu
  10. An adorable Wes among the chatter of murdering other survivors <3
  11. I think my heart just gave out ;v;
  12. With all the berries the other survivors eat out here do you think that would make them a little sweeter?It's even more fun when they trip.
  13. No please continue friend, perhaps we can create some nice recipes.
  14. I think if Wilson found himself with other survivors on the island, hunger would take hold. The point is to not starve anyways. It would be for science of course. And hearts are good for you. Cannibalism not so much.
  15. Their faces are the best, oh my goodness haha. The linework is lovely in general c: Very nice work.
  16. Wilson how on earth are we supposed to re-create your gravity defying hair. /flopsI'll get there eventually.
  17. I'm happy to see your artwork here on the forums! I always did like your stuff ;v;
  18. S'cool. It's the internet, you can't exactly always tell what gender a person is here. And there's nothing wrong with that.
  19. You guys are so silly, I love you haha.
  20. I posted this on tumblr a while ago, but thought it would be nice to post here too ovo
  21. thank ;v; If you ever do light it on fire, let me know and we can make smores yeah?thankyouverymuch