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  1. Testing if I can still reply to this thread haha. Alright I can, coolness. Have a silly Wilson.
  2. Thulecite Wilson is an adorable Wilson.
  3. It's been a while, I haven't a clue how to post things correctly on this new layout ;v; Have an adorable little Demon Maxwell gif.
  4. The other program that I use mainly for my artwork is paint tool SAI, which is actually a pretty cool free art program. Also I use a genious tablet in my artwork c: Thank you so much for your sweet comment!
  5. Thank you my friend <3 I love working in pixels. He does quite a bit doesn't he? Doesn't help I got his tail wrong but I didn't have a ref with me at the time :c {Also Wortox doesn't have an amazing beard like Krampus}
  6. Human!Krampus.'Doodling on the bus' also known as '**** I think I made him kinda hot.' A story by ScoutWings
  7. Lonely? Too lazy to catch an actual bird? There's plenty of cogs, so why not make yourself a bird pal instead of course. And they're not as noisy.
  8. Will do! c: You're far too sweet, thank you very much Lizard <3
  9. If you look close enough there's stains of those he's murdered on his shirt. uvu
  10. An adorable Wes among the chatter of murdering other survivors <3
  11. I think my heart just gave out ;v;
  12. With all the berries the other survivors eat out here do you think that would make them a little sweeter?It's even more fun when they trip.
  13. No please continue friend, perhaps we can create some nice recipes.