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  1. Hello admins and devs. Yes I confirm its been a week now. Pengull Parade - Klei Official server is bugged. When you enter the caves, you will be stuck in the infinite loading screen, which is just a black screen by the way and only with the texts "Connecting..." Please fix. And the other Glommer Goop server for Asia or South East Asia is no longer available. There's only 1 running klei official server in South East Asia - Pengull Parade, and it's caves feature is bugged. Please fix T_T
  2. Hey man, I checked out your Overview and it said "Interests: Survival Games" .That mean like minecraft hunger games or just like, a game about surviving? Lol

  3. well uhm exchange walking cane with a stack of pig skin or goldfor food other than jerky u may want to bring 40pcs or full stack of bacon and egg recipe
  4. Walking canefull stack of foodbeefalo hat in case you go to king of winterstack of rocks for early crafting and fire pits
  5. true truewhen youre beating the game over and over again, get really bored, then you start to do other things, like messing around doing stuff you dont usually do.what, you said beat the game? how do you beat a permadeath game?well it doesnt have to be taken literally, it just means when you already know the secret on how to survive forever in a permadeath game, then you start to get bored.anyway, i think the longest i played was 130 days. i didnt die, i just started a new game. evrytime klei releases a new update, i always try the new game to test the new characters or features.
  6. I like the idea but could be OP. But can be considered if crafting needs: 1 Deerclops Eyeball + 20 Beard Hair + 4 Light Bulbs =)Why Deerclops Eyeball? because only a single Deerclops spawn every Winter avoids spamming too muchWhy Beard Hair? because I want Wilson to gain more use other than easy Meat Effigies.Why Light Bulbs? to add a bit of realism