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  1. Hey man, I checked out your Overview and it said "Interests: Survival Games" .That mean like minecraft hunger games or just like, a game about surviving? Lol

  2. ow i am so loving this idea!they should be very strong and fight together when one of them is hit.I like their food competition against the player.Though, I wouldn't want them to drop precious loots upon death. Coz I wouldn't want them to be hunted for these loots or food. Their purpose is to spread fear and challenge to the player, not another source of food or materials for the player.
  3. i believe Dont Starve world should have constant threat other than hound attacks and deerclops.a threat that is actually hard to prepare for which gives the player always thinking of different tacticsa player always being worried at his future survival would definitely prevent him from being bored
  4. What is the Dapper Den?What is the objective or vision/mission of the group?Do you have special privileges and/or rights in the forums? or in the development of the game?
  5. wow, that long. man, the devs would have a lot of choices now =)gooo hardcore survivors! make the game harder =)
  6. well uhm exchange walking cane with a stack of pig skin or goldfor food other than jerky u may want to bring 40pcs or full stack of bacon and egg recipe
  7. Walking canefull stack of foodbeefalo hat in case you go to king of winterstack of rocks for early crafting and fire pits
  8. Vote at the poll, and leave comments or suggestions for game event The Apocalypse http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?26439-Inevitable-Cave-Dwelling-Event-The-Apocalypse-for-Sandbox-or-quot-Adventure-Mode-quot this too: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?26439-Inevitable-Cave-Dwelling-Event-The-Apocalypse-for-Sandbox-or-quot-Adventure-Mode-quot/page2
  9. I never thought of that =)that's Hardcore survival!
  10. well thats if you read too much =)
  11. apocalypse!the theory what happened to the dinosaurs long ago will also happen in Dont Starve at exactly your Day 120ththe cave will save you from the moment of the Great Impactmile-thick dust covers the atmospheremore or less 30 days of dwelling inside the caves before surface can be habitable againsurface is now regenerated like you started in Day1
  12. guys, just check the wiki. its already improving