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  1. Suppose it's just me finding the screecher cute? Look at the feathers and the eyes.
  2. Thanks. I'm not so active on Tumblr though. Mostly stalking I'm not good with muscle XD , but I'll do some Wolfgang picture in the future. COMIC TIME!!! A kind of companion comic for my post in Ghostly's A Day with Wilson thread. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?23837-A-Day-with-Wilson/page3 Put it here so not to take up space in the original thread XD http://rinnkruskov.deviantart.com/art/Misadventure088-Don-t-Starve-A-Day-with-Wilson-392190097
  3. Rinn Kruskov's day with Wilson I went to Goa Cina [goa ceena] (literal translation: Chinese Cave) in Southern East Java, Indonesia. The beach was quite pristine with occasional plastic trash and driftwood all over the place. Oh and also smoke butts. Locals are crazy on smoking. I used few unmentionable ingredients to summon Wilson. He appeared with tired looking eyes. Apparently he had been doing all-nighter again. "Hmm, so it's a beach this time" he said in annoyed monotone. "Left science brewing?" I asked, "Or you simply bored of wilderness?" "The first. Now would you kindly tell me what is of significance in this place?" "Legend said that in one of the small islet, a Chinese hermit stayed inside the cave and somehow disappeared. It's called Goa Cina ever since. Let's see what happens when we went inside later..." "What of those islets? Suppose those islets originally connected to the mainland but abrasion over time made.." "Uhh... I'd love to show you around, but the islands are off limits. Unless you're willing to fight the waves" "What wave? It's quite cal--" "WATCH OUT!!!" I warned Wilson to stay away from the water, but alas it was too late. Huge wave swarmed over him and dragged him to and fro along the sandy beach. He managed to get ahold of huge piece of rock and clung to it as if it meant his life. Well it was. "STOP...TAKING...PICTURE...AND HELP...!!!" (ps: the picture didn't show it but it was a real huge wave) "It would be better if you summoned me somewhere safer next time" Wilson commented after mother nature finished making fun of him. I shrugged. "Well, the seas around this part is unpredictable. One minute it's calm another it's...well you get my point. Also, the local said that this southern part of the seas is ruled by A Sea Queen" Wilson was intrigued, "Hmm...eastern version of Poseidon, interesting" After Wilson dried himself good, we went into the cavern. It was small yet there were a lot of passages. In order to enter the larger cavern we had to squeeze in 'bunny hole'. I'd show you the pictures but any shot I took inside the cave 'burned' along with my camera's memory card. The rest came from my spare. The hands? That must be Maxwell. MAXWELL!!!!! Lastly we went to nearby fishermen village, we were in market for freshly caught fish. Wilson is certainly tired of his meat and carrot diet. A fisherman's daughter was sorting out sea urchin and Wilson ... being a gentleman he is, he helped the girl only to get pricked. "YEAOUCH!!!!" That was quite a day. Maxwell has claimed Wilson once again, will anyone be kind enough to summon him?
  4. Whoa, thank you. I wasn't sure if this pic was such a good idea. Figured I needed a serious Wilson for once ...just him simply being a dapper scientist This was an unfinished sketch, figured I had to finish it http://strayraccoon.tumblr.com/post/56874110814/need-serious-wilson-for-once
  5. Oh... alright. That makes sense now
  6. I don't quite catch the joke, what's with wet noodles? O.o
  7. *Desperately resists headcanon* He's a Londoner!!!Though Scottish accent might be cool...
  8. College professors in a nutshell. Anyway if Wilson teaches, we'll probably pay attention more.
  9. Hmm, I see. Thanks for the insight
  10. /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ CONTRACT?!?!?!?!??! Enter Mahou Shoujo Mabuta, Usagicchin, Weetan, Merchan, and Lobuko Muffled Maxwell's and Wilson's screaming in the distance PUELLA MAGI MABUTA MAGICA http://rinnkruskov.deviantart.com/art/Don-t-Starve-Puella-Magi-Mabuta-Magica-387986172 So... anyone up for Mahou Shoujo Wilson? I've seen someone drew it in Tumblr. Hands up if you want to see mine. Meanwhile.... please don't kill me Klei... it's all my friend's idea I swear. We were talking about Black Rock Shooter char mod for Don't Starve and somehow ended up... here. Blame Kyubei.
  11. Not at all, we should have seen this coming
  12. Yea, that's what I've been trying! BREAK ANIME HABIT!!!! *flails*I guess it's ugly face session in front of the mirror then XD
  13. Looks like Wilson dabbles in Necromancy for this O.o