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  1. The doll fell down into the deep and dark abyss.
  2. thanks for getting us killed. somebody must draw the wedding and after the wedding.
  3. we could also merry him with wickerbottom. or wolfgang.
  4. naaah, he likes webber more.
  5. i dont know why you have to mention every single forumer, it seems a bit pointless in my eyes.
  6. In your case it doesn't work because you are on my ignore list.
  7. Maybe its disabled for off-topic area?
  8. Weird, I didn't got a notification from rents mention.
  9. but you have to believe it becomes a great game.
  10. And if I remember correctly mack stated he liked zomnat.
  11. Yeah, cracker heads should be enemies too.
  12. google RPG maker, this should clear some things up.
  13. "hey, i need your help getting rid of some spambots, here, grab this shotgun, mark and load." i like the idea Trent, i would also like to help in some way, maybe thinking about some quests.
  14. nothing. i have no idea how he could not get it.
  15. this reminds me of those rf battal fanfics but seriously, pls not. EDIT:and i actually sent her the message to avoid a double post
  16. i will marry bacon. if its not allowed to marry bacon then i question why the heck it shouldnt be allowed to marry bacon.
  17. looks like she is an open book to you. no hidden forumer mention intended.