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  1. Soul eater Toradora Haiyore nyakuro San (both seasons) And Binbougami ga is worth to watch too @Mack18853, if you dont like Blair i highly recommend to not watch Hayore Nyakuro San
  2. For some reason I want to rotate the 6 180 degrees and add a 1
  3. I didn't expected that less posting expect mack
  4. For some reason this reminds me of hangover.
  5. Personally, I think just some newer members should join the party
  6. On the official website there is also a 30 days test version.
  7. I second this.remember the reason he left.
  8. there are hidden slots my friend. there must be.
  9. naah, the hairs are okay.
  10. everyone needs to marry chester.theres so much love in him.
  11. is the part i underlined a pokemon reference?
  12. np.i also feel bad about that suggestion. i go cry now.
  13. as long as their aren't many electrical noises i dont mind. btw, i thought about a quest where the Forum gets swarmed by bronies and forumers have to fight them back.
  14. no.metal music is for the battal fight.
  15. electro music for shadowy forumer versions?
  16. anyone could make a sprite of me?
  17. how do you animate it?
  18. You could check the forums more often
  19. @DwerBomb, can you please post the story here?