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  1. i did the opposite of me. out came selena gomez.
  2. i thought of the title fairy. what came out? Buzz Lightyear.
  3. We had enough drama after putting informations in a place without his agreement.
  4. That's the best start in the morning I ever had.
  5. You must be cave Johnson.
  6. I also want to become a butterfly one day.
  7. they can't do anything without the community doing anything.
  8. first goals : make it out of school and getting a girlfriend next lifegoal : find a job.
  9. When I look at those pics and then outside our window, i wish we would have more skyscrappers. Seriously, th onliest i know is the park inn hotel and its not that high.
  10. Somebody must do a character mod with that snob face.
  11. Buy TF2 its free and worth the money
  12. Wat do you want from my kind?
  13. I can't buy an RPG maker for the devs, I need to save my money for room decoration
  14. I want Goat Simulator
  15. This is Steam Sale!
  16. i dont like the drawing style of the characters, its just confusing me.