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  1. YAAAAAAY shes baaaaack! wait this means i get owned.
  2. is mayonnaise an instrument?
  3. tomorrow i will do scout.
  4. thanks for destroying the hard work i had with gimp to make Boba with sushi. but still thanks
  5. Boba fett is reserved for me
  6. cookie monster after sesame street wasn't in tv anymore (i guess?don't know if the show is still being produced.)
  7. can you change my title in anime obsessed peace preserver
  8. before a war starts, i suggest both religions stay in their places.
  9. There were boobs on the images?I just looked at the sushi.
  10. i like animes.whats wrong with that?
  11. -insert "the" sushi gif here-
  12. All of them are good members.
  13. yeah i know, those randomizer hacks.NUZLOCKE CHALLENGE!!!
  14. we will stomp you or the netherlands. oh hey, didnt see you a while.