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  1. yes, im a bit obsessed with snoop dogg
  2. dont ask why, but this face reminds me of planet of the apes.
  3. this with french dub was sarcasm, of course i prefer japanese dub. SUGOI KAWAII BAKA!!!!!
  4. french dub is better
  5. probably i should stop yelling "stop derailing" around and just accept the fact only moderators and joe can do something against it.
  6. people said this to vel koz too turns out vel koz just destroys tanks
  7. then people went off-topic
  8. lets see what albino says about that.
  9. still better than shipping
  10. cant stop the gnar hype
  11. resident smiley: revelations
  12. monster hunter 4 ultimate
  13. can you draw chinese maxwell playing ping pong with Goose Moose?
  14. this thread should be renamed in "Trentominous like farming thread"
  15. can you draw the titans from attack on titan with maxwell heads?