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  1. i suggest to call her sting.
  2. the evil lord of shipping. (btw, have small knowledge of boi)
  3. i really know how to make things worser. pls draw me as villain.
  4. actually i meant pecival in the clothings of your oc.
  5. leaving the suchi church doesnt means i rejoin the bacon church. i join the otaku church.
  6. @ThePreChewedTree, lord battal wants you to make a @Lord_Battal plush
  7. its funny to see people laughing about words that sound funny in their language.
  8. #1 Salamence, its just my badass dragon buddy #2 X #3 Fenniken #4 I don't always catch a evee, but when i do, my Salamence can eat it #5 Starly #6 red/yellow @DwerBomb, im laughing hard because your dog. EDIT: @Ellebelly24, i also love Ampharos, its a very good pokemon and im glad i got it for my team. it also looks in his mega form like Jeese from dragonball Z
  9. r34 is doing terrible things.
  10. the like farm still works trent? also wouldnt mind to be in one.
  11. it looks so fat and cute can you draw wilson walking through the forest from slender and maxwell random appearing?