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  1. good thing *puts on sunglasses* im not in these things anymore.
  2. just saying, but you also could do this in a pm.
  3. Why do I think the new animatronics are programmed to keep the old ones locked at night?
  4. Looks like the possibility to hide in a suit.
  5. (cant tell me what to do. btw thx for remembering me of that)
  6. how do you even write stuff here?
  7. the animatronics only stuff him into a suit because they think he is a endoskeleton. phone guy said the animatronics do this because its against the restaurant rules. now we use some math. Mike (endoskeleton) + Animatronic suit = Mike can chill in the security room
  8. i just use it to have a reason to ask for free kisses as halloween profiie pic until i found something better.