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  1. if you like anime that hits you right in the feels, check out Watamote.

  2. have to finish something for school until friday. me so SCREWED!

    1. greenglacier


      Well spoken. Do it Rabpit.

    2. Rabbitfist


      im done with it.

  3. Jumpscares are just to there to mess with you because they are always unexpected, but seriously, jumpscares deliver nothing gameplay related!
  4. why can't he move onwards to zombie games like every other developer studio does ;_;
  5. was a nice place back in the old days.still is, but kinda empty.
  6. Im really missing the old times on the forum.It really became a boring place because so many awesome people left and doesnt feels like the same fun anymore. I think its time to leave this place behind.

    1. Auth


      Aw. Always sad to see someone go. Have fun with your life.

    2. ThePreChewedTree


      Farewell, and thanks for all the fish.

    3. Spazmatic


      Nothing beats the open beta of DS days, yet around release the forums were still a rather fun place aswell. You too made the forums a more fun place. God speed you magnificent German bunny.

  7. your wish got granted and you got 360 noscoped by pros. i wish it would be feburary the 13th so that monster hunter 4 ultimate finally gets released.
  8. The unseen bacon is the deadliest.
  9. i wish visual novel games wouldnt exist (STAHP STARING AT ME GIRL!)
  10. i hate the bloat and peep. dem eyes. i also hate any kind of spider in the game. and these things in sheol that turn invisible for some seconds, its such a pain to be in a large room with them.
  11. can you draw some isaac versions of forumers? (not exactly isaacs)
  12. i have to thank edmund mcmillen for boi. he gave me another reason to hate spiders.
  13. start operation push Jbeetle higher than pewdiepie.
  14. spawns and sees this --> looks for the fastest way to die
  15. I was scared of these stupid prickle nosed ghosts. Also im scared of dark woods. On class vacation i thought a tree would be slender man.
  16. Everythings fine as long it goes down to 10 Eu
  17. so finally half life 3 released...oh nevermind you had birthday happy birthday.