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  1. Look in the ring on top of the portal, I'm sure its a deerclops eye
  2. Enough discussion about battals problems with chibis, you can talk about this in status updates @Willette, can you draw the Goose Moose meeting the qurupeco?
  3. Your size would be the same, but with a large balloon head.
  4. oh my god those chibis are so cuuuuuute <3 lol, you and monster hunter xD yeah, this bird is a annoying little bugger, but not as annoying as some other monsters are. just make sure you don't let him heal himself and attack his red thingy if he tries to call for help, also flashbombs and sonicbombs are a good help against him.
  5. Stop this discussion please and move on.topic.
  6. Willette, can you draw Chibi versions of forumers?
  7. as long as i am on the forums i won't let them.
  8. guys, could you please continue your conversations in PMs? really, i dont want this thread to get locked for derailment before page 1000.
  9. someone must do this, i mean, i don't think teo will come back and do his job.
  10. Willette, can i request my current avatar with a policeman hat and a baton?
  11. i am done with roleplaying, have fun guys. *prim randomly died to poison*
  12. no, but i should expect them to still stay on-topic after the artist of this thread left some hours ago. well, my hope is gone.
  13. Willette, can you draw a tallbird wearing a sombrero?
  14. i have to correct you: its derailment police. thanks for the nice avatar
  15. creating this account. P.S. this is no joke.