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  1. thats not meant offensive, but please dont mention the wiki again. what happened because of the wiki wasnt good for the forums.
  2. I'm sure she always smashes her head on the table when she comes back. The fact ving was here should give her a better mood.
  3. i think it is. the question is if it is reality the thread got derailed again.
  4. I don't care about what's going to happen, I'm sure Klei will lead multiplayer in the right direction.
  5. A Rock lobster rave party, then he died to confusion. Webber decided to try to live like a spider, then...
  6. But then she stumbled upon a flintstone and her head smashed on a boulder. Wigfrid decided to at least try vegetables because she ran out of meat and was starving...
  7. Would be funny. Can you draw a sandwich eating catcoon?
  8. Wait, you don't have lobster claws in real life?
  9. Feels like everything going down since I joined.
  10. cant wait to look forward how the story will go on.
  11. YEah, that wouldnt really fit into dont starve
  12. You two know I don't bother if she draws it or not. Nobody does have the permission to tell you what to do. I'm also fine with DS related art.
  13. Goddam Silent, I love your stories, they are simple written and enjoyable. Great work, cant wait for more and after reading this i want to play dont starve.
  14. Hey willette, can you draw forumers in a wild western style.
  15. Didnt see you in a while, how are u? Ot: yeah, I think like this too.
  16. Thank you Joe for messing up my brain even more. At first the pokemon 3rd gen remake thingy and now this. Not as I wouldn't support DS Together, but for now I have mixed feelings about it Well, i hope you guys from Klei will do quick steps at progressing for this new experience.
  17. @23rd, oh my god, I love the name of the wigfrid stories. If she would find a guitar she really would ragnarock
  18. He he, cute. Did that Rabbitfist from the past used a time machine to get there @MilleniumCount ? In these days Willette and i live in peace. (Even if im sure she is hungry staring at my arm sometimes)
  19. Huehuehue, the monster feel trolled for being summoned just to see derpy Goose Moose
  20. Sounds like a card game, but I'm not sure. I move back On-topic now.
  21. TeoSS69 isnt around the forums anymore, so he won't. I still hope he comes back one day