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  1. The best thing would be if I marry crown_king (Why the heck did i wrote this?)
  2. i dont support marriage by the way.
  3. thanks for the answer 23rd and spaz.
  4. i still dont know what shipping is.
  5. Youre back?everything gets better now <3
  6. far away in another tunnel of the cave is light. Bolts blue horns are charged up, maybe lasting 1 or 2 days. The Volt Goat asked himself where he should go, but after his stomach grumbled he decided to look for food.
  7. I can see Nato from Black Rock Shooter. Must.click.like.button.
  8. You know Cleverbot is just communicating with other people and not a AI?
  9. i wish i would know why this coin machine can't play music -inserts Joes mustache hair-
  10. it lasted for 2 seconds, i made huge steps.
  11. you got a pizza that looks like SCP-458 i wish i would find a girlfriend
  12. Thats a good idea, im not a TF2 player but i would like to watch the event (i chatted the whole time with neosaurus)
  13. the ancient guardian rolled to his side.down the abyss. a mushroomtree
  14. Michael Jackson moonwalked out of the pond. Maxwell died to confusion again. The Deerclops...
  15. Name: Bolt Race: Volt Goat Age: Unknown Gender: Male Backstory: Bolt lived with his herd at the surface of the islands. The Herd got stuck in a thunderstorm, it rained much and the ground became very muddy. Bolt made a wrong step. sunk in the ground and felt down in the caves. luckily a thunder strucked in his horns, now he does have a small light source down in this dark place. Abilities: Blue horns: Bolt was born with blue horns, they spend extra light and last a bit longer Stamina: Bolts legs are well trained and strong, he can hop around fast and also can jump high Appearance: Bolt is a Volt goat with cyanblue colored horns Personality: Bolt is a bit scared of the darkness of the caves, he also doesnt likes the creatures of the caves (expect bunnyman), but he would defend his friends even if it costs his own life Side-notes: -Bolt can't talk, but if someone know telepathic he can communicate with him this way -due to his high energy usage his stomach needs much food.
  16. Team Fortress 2? more like Klei Fortress 2.
  17. Look what rised out of the depths. Yay, now i have to check out the modder section
  18. you sure can do this, dont concentrate your time on the forums, learn for the exams, im sure they are very important. dont worry, the derailment police will take care of the thread.
  19. the spider actually was a poison spider and exploded, then poison was all over wiggfrids body and her skin was burned away by the poison. Mactusk one day...
  20. I can see myself in the background as sidecharacter like I always am.