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  1. @%1; Respect that you revived this project, i hope there will be more progress than last time.

    I'm also willing to help if there's something i could do, but i'm not too sure myself if i really would do anything.



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  2. Do what i did and build a Floating Fortress just high enought to not attract Wyverns to your Town but also not low enought for the Corruption/Hallow to interrupt with NPC spawns.


    And yeah Magic really got the shaft during 1.2 with the Potionsickness debuff. Still doesn't change the fact that items like the Froststaff or the new Last Prism (or something like that) greatly out DPS most classes. The real limiter is your Manabar and i think that's why they had to nerf it slightly cause before you could hold down the button empty your Mana pop a potion and suffer no backlash for it now you have to think if you want to suffer that 50% damage reduction (although i think 25% could have been enought not flat out half your damage)

    As Touhou fan the Last Prism is a must get 


  3. So big question of the day.


    What is the feature your most exited about with the new patch. Can be anything can be a weapon can be mode or just a little detail.


    For me it's probably the new weapons that they showed in the trailer like that sword that extends itself like halfway across the screen. Looks bloody awesome and it will be fun working towards that thing. Also Yo-Yos seem like a cool new weapontype even though i find it a bit wierd but hey if Smash Bros taught me anything then that you never underestimate a guy with a Yo-Yo.

    those granite elemental thigns because they remind me of Malphite.

    You can't stop the rock!

  4. To be honest i rather take the FnaF Animatronics over Zombies because at this point the entire Zombiecliche is beaten to death then came back to life beaten again and is now currently smushed into a fine paste that somehow can still be beaten even though there is nothing to actualy beat anymore.


    In general Horrorgames just need some new Monsters or even better don't use monsters at all or only small glimpses of something kinda like H.P. Lovecraft did most of his stuff as in only tell the reader a little bit not too much but not to less so he can make his own picture of the situation like only show a part of the monster every now and then like a tentacle that just slidded across the floor and behind the next corner. And even better never actualy let the player encounter or only get a small glimpse of it by the end when it kills the player (because happy ends are boring).


    Seriously i could probably make something with that idea if i had the skills and time and artistic direction to create a horrorgame.



    Zombies are boring and the horrorgenre needs a serious shift in terms of gameplay JUMPSCARES ARE NOT SCARY


    Jumpscares are just to there to mess with you because they are always unexpected, but seriously, jumpscares deliver nothing gameplay related!


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