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  1. i would've never expected to see a Touhou Fan here

    1. LincSaysHi


      late reply is late.

      Well, you can never doubt the possibilities.

    2. Rabbitfist
    3. MikoFanboy
  2. to be honest the Undertale Hype annoys me.I understand WHY it is so hyped right now, but i'm still annoyed since i'm uninterested,

  3. every time i check the forums again after some time, i'm always seeing new faces in the off.topic section and am like "Who the hell are these people?!"

    1. Percival


      They are disease.

    2. YouNever


      That's mean, Percival. :(

  4. because of Monster Musume there are 7m Dakimakuras now.

  5. 2 Years on the forum since 06 june yay :/

    1. Symage


      Happy birthday

  6. Expert mode is fun, played with a friend for 2 hours and we still have cactus armor and accomplished nothing.

    1. Subscriber01236


      I love the new NPC's.

      They aren't Lemmings anymore :D

    2. Spazmatic


      It's really challenging, I love it!

  7. http://imgur.com/Iyq0IPE i dont know if the bacon church is still a thing.
  8. Touhou 14.5 released yesterday...and i didn't even touched it yet.

  9. if you like anime that hits you right in the feels, check out Watamote.

  10. have to finish something for school until friday. me so SCREWED!

    1. greenglacier


      Well spoken. Do it Rabpit.

    2. Rabbitfist


      im done with it.

  11. Im really missing the old times on the forum.It really became a boring place because so many awesome people left and doesnt feels like the same fun anymore. I think its time to leave this place behind.

    1. Auth


      Aw. Always sad to see someone go. Have fun with your life.

    2. ThePreChewedTree


      Farewell, and thanks for all the fish.

    3. Spazmatic


      Nothing beats the open beta of DS days, yet around release the forums were still a rather fun place aswell. You too made the forums a more fun place. God speed you magnificent German bunny.