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  1. could someone explain me what's going on?did Klei release a new Teaser or something, i'm not up to date.
  2. i would've never expected to see a Touhou Fan here

    1. LincSaysHi


      late reply is late.

      Well, you can never doubt the possibilities.

    2. Rabbitfist
    3. MikoFanboy
  3. to be honest the Undertale Hype annoys me.I understand WHY it is so hyped right now, but i'm still annoyed since i'm uninterested,

  4. scott teamed up with FNAFB developer?
  5. Edit: c'mon why do i always end up with only 4 people liking it :<
  6. @%1; Respect that you revived this project, i hope there will be more progress than last time. I'm also willing to help if there's something i could do, but i'm not too sure myself if i really would do anything. EDIT: SERIOUSLY HOW DOES MENTIONING WORK NOW?!
  7. every time i check the forums again after some time, i'm always seeing new faces in the off.topic section and am like "Who the hell are these people?!"

    1. Percival


      They are disease.

    2. YouNever


      That's mean, Percival. :(

  8. because of Monster Musume there are 7m Dakimakuras now.

  9. 2 Years on the forum since 06 june yay :/

    1. Symage


      Happy birthday

  10. I like staring into their souls.
  11. i like to step it up.
  12. As Touhou fan the Last Prism is a must get
  13. Expert mode is fun, played with a friend for 2 hours and we still have cactus armor and accomplished nothing.

    1. Subscriber01236


      I love the new NPC's.

      They aren't Lemmings anymore :D

    2. Spazmatic


      It's really challenging, I love it!

  14. The Merchant is throwing knives. knives... KNIVES!
  15. those granite elemental thigns because they remind me of Malphite. You can't stop the rock!
  16. http://imgur.com/Iyq0IPE i dont know if the bacon church is still a thing.
  17. Boa hancock is that you?
  18. Touhou 14.5 released yesterday...and i didn't even touched it yet.

  19. Fun Fact: if you stray salt into your Cornflakes, you will regret it for the rest of the life and your tongue will hate you.
  20. When your FAZE Application didn't got accepted