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  1. I can't get walking cane because there is no winter in The Game is Afoot chapter (except on the first day).What food would be the best option? I'm sure full stack of most foods spoil before you get to eat it all.
  2. Well, a funny thing is, right after posting my last post on this thread, I went to play DS and first tree I chopped down spawned a Treeguard (finally).As I now have found all the Things, I just need to make my way back to my camp and recover from major wounds from a fight with hounds that attacked while I tracked down the last Thing (my Log Suit and Football Helmet broke during the fight). So, my next question is this: (as I am soon ready to go to next chapter)What should I take with me? There can be more that four items but point out the four items you keep most important (by using bold?) and the I decide what is the most important of those for me (you can also add a note, why I should take it).
  3. I like Krampus the way he is now. It would be very annoying if he is just a randomly spawning enemy. Removing would be bad too, since then you can kill peaceful creatures as much as you want and it would remove one thing that limits your resources. As far as I've heard, Krampus is easy to kill, so maybe make him stronger? Anyways I'll join the team
  4. Well, I'm playing Adventure Mode right now, and I haven't found any Pigs yet (except for Guardian Pigs). Hopefully the set piece you mentioned doesn't generate in Adventure Mode. I just want to prototype as many things as possible so I don't have to worry about it in later, harder chapters.
  5. This thread was originally started by LadyD, but do to a forum bug the first posts got lost. I need a help with spawning a Treeguard. Ever since Strange New Powers update I have seen none of them and usually I get them fairly easily. I have chopped down a lot trees... Is there any way that would make him spawn easier?
  6. I would be more satisfied if the Treeguard would be able to kill the Clockwork Bishops. Treeguards are way easier to kill than Clockwork Bishops because they are rather slow.
  7. Monster meat can be a life saver if you are about to starve. Especially if cooked.
  8. Music

    Can you give download for the FSB extractor? I can't find it anywhere.