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  1. 12 years old, don't let your opinion of me waver one bit.Now! I'm off to my tea party.-Syviery
  2. I think this is probably very accurate now that I think to the moments of frustration in the last several months in other things. But... that aside I enjoyed reading these and I probably would have no matter my stance on the topic. well, I just wanted to say good job.
  3. 3 new gems

    Well.... This is gonna be awesome!I cant wait to mess around with sanity and with the *Cough*new*Cough* character it is so much fun.
  4. ScienceMachine's OLD Gallery

    Well, first of congratulations and I am loving ALL your artwork. Let us just hope you continue to make art and I regain my life after sitting down and spending 3 hours going through the last 57 and a half pages.
  5. D'oh, my stupidity and age finally shines through apparently......
  6. Just replying for alot of poeple:Really!If you want to know how to do it check out ShinyCrobat's tutorial:
  7. [WiP] Don't Starve SuperMod!

    Yup, i'm all grown up now!
  8. oh, umm.... wow. I didn't even notice.
  9. Sorry, I guess. It might help a little more if you could correct me so I know how to do it later or maybe say something along the lines of "I would prefer if you didn't do that".
  10. I can image it ...... hehehehehehe. *cough* sorry wrong image.-Syvery
  11. I like your art, it is pretty good but could do without the small bumps.
  12. [WiP] Don't Starve SuperMod!

    Thanks for making me huddle in a dark corner. -Syviery
  13. I am learning oh so much from you guys. Aww... look at that bunny.
  14. Well, I hate to revive an old post but..... I have started to make a mod to implement this character into the game. All I need now is the sprite sheet(.Anim file). If you would like to help with that just reply to my thead :
  15. Thanks for replying so quickly, but what I just wanted to say was that I can code/program and have finished all the code for the character so all I will need is the sprite sheet.

  16. Hey, I was wondering whether you were working on those Isaac fan character sprites or whether I should continue and try my inexperienced hand at it.