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  1. Sorry, I can't let leek to release out, because this is not my changes, so please download friends also deleted, unless the original author agree [MENTION=23254]Lexicroft[/MENTION] Please do not post the leek changes, because this is not the original, Miku modification works. I have made a mistake, so please don't release out, even if you have downloaded the leek. I'm terribly sorry.
  2. Thank you very much, too [MENTION=55]Ipsquiggle[/MENTION]
  3. [ATTACH]8640[/ATTACH] YEYE.Thank you very much for your answer.Give you the leek Tex
  4. I want to ask you, I have modified model of the characters, why the game there will be some white module, rarely successful, but I saw someone issued a Wendy's sister into green changes, why he can success
  5. Yes, I have a question would you ask garment, thank you