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  1. Creating your own character

    =o when you converted your images to .tex, were the bigportrait, savepic, and selection pic saved as the last option for format and not DTX?. Only do DTX for the actual character skin otherwise it'll crash. The format for the others should b ARGB
  2. Creating your own character

    =) I'm givin credit to lexicroft for this one coz she I found this thanks to herhttps://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/uaujhgufsiwa1n8/Build%20Renamer.rar?token_hash=AAHVaLQhM_j2BcFjbRO8BNZNlQcSXjyTmDvluosS87_beA&dl=1
  3. Creating your own character

    wacha need sasr? =O
  4. Creating your own character

    Lexicroft you are so nice and cuuute ahaha =) I'm tryin to make my own too and I was having problem finding certain things and I keep seeing you help out others with the same problem as I do. *HUG* >_< so adorable