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  1. I have said this a few times about what needs to be added. The Mac Tusks are great mobs. They drop one of the most powerful winter item, and the highest sanity boost clothing. There needs to be a summer counterpart to the Mac Tusk hunting party that arnt just reskins. I love to have a creature that's like the hunting party. And drops a summer item that compares to the Tam o' Shanter.
  2. It would be smart to have a good neutral mob. The mob for autumn dosent have to be aggressive. It could be helpful. I wouldn't mind a creature you can fence in with walls and collect items from(preferably meat, for Wigfrid)
  3. I really hope the deva read this topic. Be nice for them to implant some of people's concern.
  4. If your visiting this topic please post concerns, expectations, and ideas for the DLC.
  5. Cool, leave the good lore characters to Klei. Stuff like Wyro would be mods.
  6. A knockoff of Willow, and pyro from TF2. Sounds horrid. Before we add another fire character lets actually have a creative idea. I don't want Wyro either sounds horrible.
  7. Does anyone know if Klei plans on implementing another character?
  8. Walls do need work. Change them/edit them, make new ones, there has to be some item non weapon to combat giants. Maybe like a wall out of the bone shards.
  9. I agree with you on the guardians and dragonfly, I wish there was a limit to how many would spawn at a time. And honestly the stuff they added blew my expectations. It's just the stuff they used from the standalone I thought was excessive and thought Klei could do just a little better.
  10. I never said it was bad I don't think. I wasn't up to my expectations that's all. What do you think about the DLC?
  11. The original wall mechanics were not designed for the kind of impact that giants have. There just may need something new/different/change for walls in place. The DLC is at the moment to reliant on some old mechanics that I was hoping that would be different in the DLC. I was hoping to play the game not having to build the same top hat, winter hat, bunny ear muffs, same walls. Yes the DLC is great. It's just still to much reliant on old stuff I was hoping for new stuff.
  12. I understand. But I didn't mean add walls. I ment change walls. Maybe like bone walls that are strong against giants, or something similar. And with the clothes I didn't mean to add more, I met change them.