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  1. good video! gave you a like
  2. Hey guys, I started a new Let's play on my channel, and would love if you would check it out. I could use some constructive crit! I will be posting new episodes every day or so!
  3. Favorite place to settle?

    and then do you lure beefalo to your area? I feel the need to start out with beefalo as i need manure for my crops to help me survive and thrive in winter :/
  4. Favorite place to settle?

    Interesting! I haven't been in the caves yet(just started playing again since the beta). Ill have to take a look soon.
  5. Hey guys, After playing this game for a while, i seem to love settling near beefalo to get a constant supply of wool and manure. What is your ideal place to live? Don't forget to explain why!