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    Note: This version does not require any MOD, prohibit modifier to avoid losing the game fun! Part I: Mandela Holocaust Mandela family, has always been rare, nourishing the body, and thus known. Therefore, some criminals playing their idea, for example: turkeys, pigs, people, etc. Of course, some dangerous creature, death would hurt them, and eat it. (Eg, spiders) After entering the game, there are 16 wooden walls around Mandela grass, there is a entrance. You can go in, left-click on them, they can be resurrected, but only in the evening when it must be, otherwise, hung up, the task fails. That is, when you want to wake up in the evening, and bring them escorted to the pig king. Of course, you can escort in batches, or with the escort. However, with the escort, dangerous. If escort halfway into the day, they will automatically planted, but do not wake up again, otherwise you will OVER. Wait until the next evening can continue escort. Of course, during the day, you can first choose the right course for them to open up the road. You know, there are many difficulties and obstacles in the middle. Escort the road, there will be a lot of boxes, but please note that although there are good things, but each box has two tentacles guardian. There are some remains of the road, road signs on the map will be marked out. The most famous is, mass graves. It is said that this place tens of thousands of people died in the pit Escort route. Objectives: The 16 mandrake escorted to the king at the pig, and they do not hang up. Midway mandrake death no more than three! 2, Indiana Jones This place can be a benefit, there are a lot of boxes, entrance 5 hammer. Some boxes next to the tentacles, some do not. Some boxes have a good thing, and some is empty. In addition, there are a large number of tree people. (You do not mess with him on the line) Mission objectives: to ensure their own safety, as far as possible open more boxes. Access Method: First off at the first wormhole. 3, Shadow World Range: Spider-intensive areas Objectives: felled marble figure of three trees, collect 20 spider glands. Entry method, pig king at the wormhole. The first archive location Discuss there: