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  1. I would do no such thing, lest I want to get beardfisted.
  2. Throwing my hat in with the Team Krampus lot.Also, [MENTION=8]Kevin[/MENTION], that was pretty funny.If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and you can find them, maybe you can hire...
  3. Don't Starve produces a temp save file for when you are in Beta. All of your original saved content is okay. Just opt back out of beta to return to it.
  4. It's a "curse", that translates to something that's rather appropriate (and hilarious) for his character. I have screens, but I refuse to post them. It's something that you gotta experience first hand to really get the full joy that comes from this. A very interesting, unique, and welcome addition to the DS family!
  5. They've added a new crafting type and changed a couple of preexisting items. Quite intriguing. Wish I had more time to test these before work.
  6. Just tried him out and experienced the curse....friggin' hilarious. Not even going to spoil it. It just HAS to be experienced. XD
  7. For those who can't be bothered with participating in the Beta...
  8. "What a terrible night to have a curse."
  9. For Steam users, right click Don't Starve in your library, select View Downloadable Content, click on the Betas tab, then opt in to public testing (when it becomes available).The save files are completely different in the public test, so it won't muck with your original saves.
  10. All of these sound viable and great. And a huge pain to the PC in theme with DS. =P
  11. There are a lot of possibilities in this. This. Alongside a surprise lureplant, this could be devastating to one's base camp. This would be useful for maps that don't have many beehives spawned on the map or have nearly been cleared out.
  12. I imagined a Chuck Norris Fist coming out of Wilson's beard when I read this. If for even a day there was a change in programming that allowed this to happen...
  13. Show us your camp!

    It's a great feeling when this happens. ^_^
  14. I feel Wicker has quite a great deal of things now as is. Five "spells" on top of more sanity and a free tech upgrade? I'd say that's rather significant...