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  1. Warren raised an eye, thinking back on the question he had just asked. Of course these humans would not really know what they are doing here; they looked lost and confused to begin with, and they've probably seen better days. The looks of them looked nothing like how Wilson described them; a real enemy would be better-prepared, surely. "Hmmm... I guess you peoples don't know. You're able to come here because Higgs got angry at some of you peoples over something about a game. I am not sure myself exactly what he meant." He accepted the offered seat, staring at the fire. "I... think something is wrong with Higgs, though..." His head turned toward the sky as he heard a voice echoing in the air. "...Very wrong, it seems." He turned his attention to the boy once again. "Maybe I should help you."
  2. Warren had surveyed the small group for long enough; he decided to come into clear view to discuss his intentions. At this point however, he had no plans to do any harm to them unless they come after him first, but he was sure his weapon and combat proficiency would be enough to sort out any troubles. He walked towards them, spear on back, and approached Aaron from behind. "None of you are the human that Higgs said to get... but what are you doing here?"
  3. Warren, since the events of the portal openings, decided to wander home, remembering Wilson's order to find and bring the humans to him. On the way back to his last encampment, he ended up seeing a strange scene: A couple of humans, a hound, and some sort of shadowy creature, all grouped together. He stopped walking and looked at the group, watching. He was not sure what to make of this, and was not sure if moving closer would be a good idea. He was told to get these humans, but right then, he wasn't so sure about whether Wilson was himself anyway.
  4. Warren watched the human run away, and laughed a little in amusement. "I guess we find him later..." he muttered. He wasn't too interested in chasing the frightened kid immediately, anyway. His attention was redirected to the only other interesting thing at the moment: the Hound that was somehow already on the other side. "A Hound?" He questioned. "Higgs, the magic you used to make portals... maybe they cause change in the other world?"
  5. Warren pointed the sharp end of the spear at at the human that was blocked off by the shadowy hand and growled. He wasn't entirely sure what made the human so threatening, but he decided he didn't want to know. "Higgs says you are one of many bad player peoples!" He slowly approached the human with the intention of intimidating him.
  6. Warren finally made it to see Wilson at the portal. Warren felt unsettled by some of the being that had also shown up, but he dismissed such feelings as he expected a... varied group, since they were all called here by the boss himself. He saluted to Wilson respectfully and waited for orders.
  7. I see you like insulting the roleplay boards. Though... I'm not sure which website is worse on roleplaying... this board, or Roblox's.
  8. Deciding it was time to go, Warren started to pack his things, and got a spear sharpened and ready. He got a football helmet out of a chest in his camp and placed it on his head, giving it a few knocks to ensure it was still in good condition. It was strange, but he felt as if he knew exactly where to go once prepared. Taking jerky, his battle equipment, and a few torches with him, he made his way to where he was needed.
  9. Warren stayed close to the fire he had made, aware of the danger that lies in the dark. He had learned quite a bit from being away from the simplicity of the villages, reading being one of them. He looked up at the sky, wondering how the next day would go for him. However, all he saw was a scroll that then landed on his face. He shook it off his head and then promptly picked it up. "This must be fell from sky.." He muttered, and his eyes flickered across the page. "These 'Players'... they sound like the bad peoples.. Higgs want to fight them? I guess I fight, then.."
  10. I would agree with gettin' going. If someone sees what they like in the actual roleplay, they may make an application here.
  11. Warren left his well-established camp with embers being left in his fire pit. His camp had a good deal of food, as well as farms, drying racks, and a cooking pot. "Sun awake.... Is good day!" His ears perked up as he heard the sounds of resources being collected by some..... machine, somewhere in the area. However, all he could see was a stranger in some winter gear wandering by. "That's not machine.... just a human! What do he want?" He decided to approach the man.
  12. Tes, we're currently waiting of Rewdalf. If he does not post in 3 days from now, I'd like to accept you, if you are still interested.
  13. Name: WarrenRace: PigAppearance: Warren looks like just about any other pig, except for a few things: He generally keeps his mouth shut, and he wears a pair of khaki pants and a straw hat.Personality: Warren is a bit different from other pigs in that he is a little more refined and amiable, choosing to help others because are good people, not just because they gave him something to eat. With a sense of right and wrong comparable almost to humans, he is not okay with things considered evil.Abilities: Being a pig, Warren's hide is particularly tough as such, making him an excellent combatant; compared to other pigs he is also smarter by a margin. Food is all he needs to feel healthy again after taking a beating. While he won't panic, the dusk and nighttime without a fire is very unnerving to him without a fire close by.
  14. This is the thread for starting Let's Not Starve.The Characters are: Griff, Striker, Shelby, Warren, and I.S.A.C.Remember the rules, displayed here:"Well now, you seem to have somehow made yourself a bit of an intruder in this world, haven't you?" A tall man looked down on the soon-to-wake body of Striker, smiling. "Oh well. It's not like I'll ever have to deal with you myself. Nobody has ever left this world once stuck here... and several people have gotten stuck here in the past few years. I wouldn't be surprised if you all killed each other! Good luck staying alive more than a few nights." The man vanished.
  15. We have all our characters we need to get started, I will post the thread for roleplaying in later.