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  1. OK, finally back home. Went out for a vacation, got cut off from home by floods. At least I was never actually in the floods, but yeesh.Anyway, a quick look and general strategy talk for Willow and Wolfgang. My impression of Willow is that you should play her largely like I recommend you play Wilson. Exploration will be a bit more reliable since you have an ever-burning torch. Other than this, she is pretty much identical. The biggest concern is that you need to keep an eye on your sanity, you don't want to burn down your hard built base.My impression of Wolfgang is that he's still by far the best fighter, but fighting is still kind of stupid. I don't really ever recommend fighting anything very tough in my guide, and unfortunately the bonuses to Wolfgang don't really make him an exception to that general principle. With the addition of the extra resource management and bar watching, Wolfgang is now a more tricky character that requires some specialized base considerations to let him take advantage of his advantage set.
  2. I think this is looking pretty good, but maybe I'll need to dive into the depths for a few more rocks.
  3. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?20404-Don-t-Starve-GuideIs the forum link to the series in this very same video forum. It has everything you need to know about not dying.
  4. I have a guide that has a wide variety of wonderful alternatives to eating monster meat.
  5. The most dangerous of vocations.
  6. When you have raw text on a forum, if you click it, it doesn't do anything, you have to copy paste it to get to your page, whereas a proper link using the tags like say, http://www.youtube.com/user/YukitsuTimes will lead directly to the page by clicking on it. Much more convenient. In the post menu, there's an icon that looks like a planet with an infinite sign over it. Clicking on that is a shortcut to stop you from having to type out the thing every time. Now, the only problem with rabbit eating is that survival through rabbit eating is very iterative. You should feel free to do anything you want, but the problem with a lot of rabbit eating is that you can't get around to other, more interesting projects and basically just eat rabbits for 200 episodes. Strictly speaking, you don't have to eat rabbits to survive winter and in fact, never have to eat rabbits at all, which saves enough time to do pretty much anything you want, such as cave diving, or building a giant castle or practicing dark magic.
  7. It's OK, but since it's your first, this is your opportunity to clean some stuff up a little. First off, real links are better than copy paste links. Second, your video is really choppy, I honestly think that if you have to get your resolution down a bit to get your frame rate looking smooth, you should. Lastly, rabbit eating is mega boring, don't make a video series or let's play series where you have to eat rabbits to survive. Other than that, seems OK.
  8. Is that all you learned from that? D:
  9. And now we're on to some more crazy stuff, and then some sanity recovery. Hey, over a thousand thread views! Yayyyy!
  10. Well, summer continues along. Follow me as I prepare for increasing giant waves of BS.
  11. Well, we're out of winter, so now it's time to perform our annual dark rituals and turn a part of the work into a bloody, toothy corpse pit.
  12. Thanks for the kind words. Always glad to help.
  13. More winter stuff. Gods this winter never ends.
  14. And winter continues! It's so cold... Good thing I'm Canadian.
  15. And now we're deep into winter. Time for some major not freezing to death. More of the same, but less long distance travel.