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  1. when I put saturation to max it shows yellow circles but maybe it's nothing
  2. I don't think the picture will change, didn't we have to discover links in the other puzzle? we aren't getting enough clues but I think we have to discover another link
  3. I saw it too but i thought i was just imagining things
  4. but the first ascii code was a crow
  5. so someone has to get 17 gears to make some recipe?
  6. never mind someone already pointed it, i was too slow to write
  7. I tried putting them one by one and when I only put 4 BERRIES it shows that message so probably only the berries are correct
  8. in the bottom there is a link to the question marks page and in the right top corner of that page there is the map
  9. in the map image it say 17 and then it shows a note and it says "stupid birds" maybe there are 17 notes