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  1. Then pls good sir, enlighten the poor old man where he went wrong in life cuz his slaughterhouse doesn't function like this
  2. Build my room, place doors like this: |||||||||||||||| or like this ----------------- --------------- --------------- and try to push the water, which is 50% of the room like in the pictur, up to the entire roof, so that every square is covered in water. Picture or didn't happen if you succeed.
  3. I have to admit though, I never considered making the roof of such a room out of air flow tiles. Gotta check this out afterk work. But the whole, push the water upwards problem, still stands.
  4. .... Thats the idea. How can you flood something if the fluid has anywhere to go? Another genius. Also, try to flood the room in the picture, in doors with qthe amount of liquid reaching 50% of it. Good luck. You can't go above it, since the drop off point cannot be flood otherwise it's unusable.
  5. You never played this gae if this is your recommended idea. Your method causes water to dissapear, so it's unreliable. Besides, you will never push enough water up to drown a drecko, because if you do, the drop off point is also flooded, because pushed water needs to flood the entire room, with no squeare left. Mine simply depends on waiting for AI drecko to fall through. And why shouldn't i speak my mind? I paid for this thing, because little sissies like you aren't used to criticism, I don't care. Klei could always take a page out of Bethesdas book and release mod tools so that people can fix the game themselves.
  6. Perhaps I can provide a screenshot to further my gripe with this change. In this design which i found somewhere on this site, The owner programmed it with the idea that after button is pressed, doors open for 5 seconds, drecko or qa hatch, goes in, falls flat to his death in water, doors close after 5 seconds making drecko's unable to escape. This doesn't work anymore, due to that change. Dreckos or hatches simply walk over an opened door. Ironically if you spawn one in mid air and he falls onto the open or locked door, he falls through regardless. THIS MAKES NO SENSE. testetd on beta yesterday.
  7. Dear Klei. Recently you have changed the fact that hatches and dreckos could fall through opened pneumatic doors, verticall or horizontally. Now they can't, which essentially made the slaughterhouses which uses drowing as a means to kill animals useless. Please don't make dumb changes to the game.