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  1. and this other, its similar but the bug happens from the start just when entering the game, before entering the jungle biome, doesn't need there are cocoons around since the glitch happens each time entering the jungle without matter the season, i think its more related to the cocoons / glowflies spawners,but hope it helps.. 2019-06-27 16-29-33.flv
  2. for me it happens when entering the jungle biome and the music start to play, but then when other sounds plays at well like: snap tooth plants, birds singing, spider gorillas roaring, etc... all those sounds begin to inter loop one with the other and after a few secs they begin to sound cut, and finishing with no more sounds expect the background music. *update* , *downloaded a free software to record it...* 2019-06-27 16-35-31.flv
  3. i can confirm, still happening, need restart the game each time to get sound back. each time entering the jungle glitch the game's sound. i validate the game and it reinstalled 2 elements, the sound bug persist.
  4. isnt a bug, any pog you bring inside a ruin get affected after a while, i dont remember where i read they arent designed to ruin exploration, due they change behavior after staying too long underground or inside of a closed space (like your house). think its basically an allusion to keep wildlife free and not enclosed. otherwise they bite your butt in retaliation.
  5. i was not the only one reporting this from a long time now: thread 1 08-21-2018 thread 2 02-16-2019 thread 3 01-29-2019 thread 4 08-15-2018 the bug keeps being ignored, at this point another report is going to do nothing. you can only do 2 things: kill all the pikos and their trees to the point of extinction. avoid piko's areas
  6. people already reported it before, but i think the thread was ignored.
  7. if pikos worked correctly, there would be no problem. but the real problem is pikos can actually permanently "destroy" items due they are actually heavily bugged, if you chop a piko's tree, you can get the item(s) back, BUT.... you need destroy or remove the stump immediately otherwise the game count it like a "new" functional piko's tree and it spawn immediately a new piko, who can steal a item near it. if the piko return to the stump he can climb a non existent tree with the stolen item, this way permanently destroying it. since you cant "chop" the non existent tree you cant get back your items, and if you remove the stump, only the piko get out, but not the stolen items.
  8. yeah it hits a lot of times, sometimes 2-4 times. since it create "mini" explosions and each one deal independent damage.
  9. and non physical shadow creatures, that means any sanity under 80% is a pain when raiding ruins, since the shadow creatures can activate plates/traps despite they are in the background and they still non "physical".
  10. Cant find anything about this if its intended behavior or not, but each time a gobbler jumps into a replanted berry bush it "consume" 1 round of use, despite of having berries or not for example: 1.- in a recently fertilized berry bush with fruits ready to harvest, the berries shows "bigger" but if the gobbler jumps into that bush, the berries arent consumed but diminish their size to their next "depleted" state. 2.-if the globber jumps to a near depleted berry bush (1 harvest more before withering) with or without berries, the bush whiter immediately. 3.- this doesnt affect "natural" spawned berry bushes. i saw this behavior in hamlet only. not sure if its around other expansions like RoG or SW, i dont checked it yet.
  11. not sure if its a bug or its intended, but vampire attacks stacks for the duration of aporkalipse, i was farming purple gems in the end's well room for near 6 days, after having enough i ended aporkalypse, the issue was right after got out the ruins i was welcome with a little horde of more 100+ vampire bats (enough to slow down my pc a lot, and cover the entire screen of vampire bats, and they continue spamming for a while).
  12. ok, thanks for the devs and Jason mainly to adding the repair boats recipe, and Faintly, i tested it and effectively you can hammer down those boats, each time i tried my character run like idiot doing nothing, my solution was putting the boat the most close to the side, so i can hammer it down, my bad habit of leaving them away from the pond's side was the cause of it, thanks a lot for pointing you really can destroy em.
  13. dang... i swear i been trying to hammer down those boats without success.
  14. sorry i know this isnt a bug, but maybe can be addressed like an issue, or a sightly oversight by the devs. the thing is...the pounds i visit to gather lotus flowers and reeds, are filling each time with with more and more damaged boats due you cant repair or destroy them to gather a few resources back. its too easy to the boats to be damaged due to: Hippopotamoose's waves , mosquitoes and poison dart frogs, and the normal decay. due to this you cant risk to use a damaged boat and the only solution is create a new boat and the cycle repeat itself, so the pound's side are filling with boats with durability of 20-30 which i dont use anymore, guess everyone has the same problem. i know you can use console command to delete them, but thats not the point. maybe allowing they still decaying despite use or not and disappear after a while or allowing us to hammer them down?
  15. only play a little longer and is fixed in the next season cycle, after the bugged cycle ended (the one affected by the update) in my current game, all the fog/wind/rain events works perfectly. a new game is unaffected since it start "clean". this bug only affect old saves, but if you play a little more it fix itself, no idea if the devs going to patch it later, but until the next update, i think a lot of people already move on or played enough to fix the bug, im in day 172 without any issue, the bug affected me in day 61 and finished in day 92, no more issues until now they were: 11 days permanent fog endured by the "fog clean command" and 20 days permanent low rain, only giving 1-2 wetness in total. nothing you cant handle, the last one disabled the strong winds totally and the wetness was a joke, sadly my nettles wines wont benefit from this rain.