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  1. I love me some Don't Starve, over 300 hours and I'm still playing this game :D But now, we get the ELUSIVE the UNSPOKEN of multiplayer! I don't know how it'll work, but I've always loved being alone in Don't Starve. I have faith in Klei to make multiplayer as fun as it can be :D


    I'm still wracking my brain trying to figure of how this will all work. How will resources be managed? Will monsters get tougher the more people there are? How can we make sure we don't have 4 wendys all with abagail out, just wrecking everything?


    What do you people think about all of this? :D

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  2. I really don't think its a rocket. That just seems like something that's not possible. Even if Wilson did build one, wouldn't Maxwell be able to stop him? I think it's something that we won't understand at first. Some kind of crazy invention, that does something I'm not sure of yet xP

  3. I'm totally drawing a blank here. But I know there has to be something more to this. Finding this last code won't solve anything. We will still need to figure out what to do with them. And even then, what could they do? Giving us more points on the map wouldn't help at all, from what I can see. There just has to be something we are missing here....

  4. Wait wait why is my game doing this




    I know some people where talking about the phonograph parts earlier but I thought they were just checking the actually files again


    is this part of that or


    I thought about this too. Unless someone spawned the pieces in. why would they be showing up in the debug menu? It seems like the game is spawning the phonograph.....might be wrong though. But still, these things dont show up on their own for no reason

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  5. Just for clarification purposes, so people don't have to go pawing through pages of text again, the notes we have are as follows:


    1 (-16, 16)  

    2 (-22, 9) 

    3 ( 10,-16)  

    4 (-11,-4)  

    5 ( 6, 2) 

    7 ( -4, -8)  

    8 (20, -2) 

    10 (-13,8)

    20(-22, 1) 


    40( 16,-2) 

    50( 13,-7)

    60( 6, -23)


    300(-6, 13)



  6. That's not what we're talking about here, God damn it! You can already create a house!!! But without a roof, which is what we want (check the TITLE if you still don't get it). Roofs would be possible to place above fully upgraded walls and would have three types. One piece of roof would be as big as one turf and would go semi transparent so you can get what you want. Things like Lightning rods would either have to be placed outside or in the house with a place without the roof. There would be 3 kinds of roofs:

    Hay roof:

    Really small insulation from heat and cold.

    Really small protection from rain.

    Wooden roof:

    Quite small insulation from heat and cold.

    Quite small protection from rain

    Stone roof:

    A medium insulation from heat and cold

    100% protection from rain

    Now you might think well that's just OP: NO. The roofs can easily be destroyed by mobs that would attack the walls as well, and the insulation and protection from rain isn't postable. If you want your veg and everything harvested you'd need stuff to protect you if it rains and if there is a bad weather as the crops wouldn't be possible to fertilise themselves from the rain if the roof is in the way, especially if it's a stone roof and if you wanted some exploration and giants not wrecking your base; in the end roofs would be mid-game items you can ONLY craft if you have one fully repaired wall placed underneath. Nothing much, plus makes sense and in my opinion would work just fine. Logically the roofs would also need to be repaired as from multiple rains they would start to collapse, meaning they are really bad in Spring.

    How's that for an explenation?


    Believe me, I get it -.- They're not going to add roofs of any kind. It would be too OP, even if mobs could destroy them (who lets mobs in their base anyhow?). There are already enough items to counter weather on the go. Once again, we don't need something in the game that completely negates the work they did to make seasons. It would just be a dumb move. 


    As for having to leave your little resort with a roof to go get food, you could just set up one of these roofs by and bunch of rabbits and BAM. You live forever, only worrying about hounds and giants. With the occasional venture out for stones, sticks, and grass, all which could be located very close. 


    It's just not an idea for this game. It would just make it too easy. If you REALLLY want roofs for some unknown reason, there are plenty of MODS out there. That's why the Devs let the people mod, so they can play with whatever items they want.

  7. It might get added. However, while localizing the text, I found all the Pyro references way before I saw this post. There's even an Axtinguisher and a Flare Gun in there. His title is "Mm mmph". And here's a list of his "powers":

    *Immune to fire damage
    *Loves fire
    *Enjoys wearing hats


    He's got only one quote and it's: Mmmh mmph mm mmphh!



    Sorry, but I'm calling BS on this. No offense, but proof would be nice.

  8. Putting in houses is not a good idea. Once your house is up, you would pretty much never have to leave. It would also cancel out all of the hard work that went into making the seasons. If you REALLY want a house, I saw a mod on Steam Workshop called "Wilsons Home" or something like that. It was a full house with goodies inside and everything.

  9. Just increase their health and damage every cycle. Hound sizes increase the longer the game goes on, so why not other mobs :grin:


    There is already a mod that does that kind of thing though, needs a bit of tuning, but im def going to download it.


    That wouldn't work well at all :( I can kill Bearger and Goose without getting hit. Making them take longer to kill is just gonna be annoying, not take anymore skill D:

  10. Half of your problems are bugs that are being worked on in this BETA. The other half is a lack of skill. If you don't like it because it's to hard/buggy for a beta DLC, then come back when it's out and turn down all of the hard options in the world creation.


    Also, most of the mods out aren't that great. The good ones just make the game easier, and the rest are just pointless or.....weird...


    Anyways, Klei is not the problem here, it's you. Read before you buy things and stop being so dense. This DLC is supposed to make the game harder. 

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  11. Every fight against the bosses is a piece of cake with an army of rocky balboas, so  even if the bosses are buffed, then Rock Lobsters should be nerfed too in order to make it more balanced.

     I have to disagree with ya ;D Rock Lobsters may take out the giant, but then they will keep multiplying, more and more every day. Soon, no more beefalos are around because they got murdered. Then, some rock lobsters move into your base, they kill your bees D: They are relentless and a horrible curse. That's why (spoilers I guess) Maxwell sealed them down in the caves. They are horrible creatures :(



    (I hate rock lobsters if you couldn't tell xD)


    Judging from the Bearger's design, I had thought it would more be like a "beastmaster/druid" related thing of sorts. I guess I've played too much Warcraft III. But anyway, I think he should be able to summon various animals to attack you, like Tallbirds, Koalefants, Angry Beefalos, Volt Goats, Bees, and Frogs. None of these summoned creatures would drop loot, to avoid farming. Maybe he could have some nature-related powers too, like some kind of earthquake attack.


    This is an amazing idea! :D Love it