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  1. I've read this entire post and I must say some of the people are pretty spot on when they say, and I'm paraphrasing here, that people need to let Klei do it's thing and fix any bugs. I've loved other games as well that were released with multiple bugs that the Devs knew were there and didn't bother to fix. The Sims is a prime example. MANY bugs were left in the games and expansions and EA never fixed them.

    So, my thought... Let Klei finish the work they're doing and have patience. Those of us that are waiting will get our game when it's finished.

    why did you necro this thread? >.<

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    standalone keys are same as steam keys??


    Initially this game was supported by non steam members but you have forsaken us for $.


    and you miss the poinnt, there are many people that do NOT want to use DRM steam. 


    It's using steam API is a joke, 


    your're using  steam for some unique id and lobby support, lobby is unnecesary/could be done over lan/vpn/tunngle, if steam keys are same as standalone keys, then the key can be used as id

    so indeed there is no rational reason to claim that you have  heavy steam api reliance when its just a  lobby


    The game won't work without Steam. Regular DS was different, but seeing as in DST you play with other Steam users,  you have to be on Steam to play.  Has nothing to do with $$$ :p

  3. Potato part was the best.


    Btw you missed some good info:

    - There was supposed to be Frogger, some character on which Mark was working but because he accidentaly mentioned him on previous livestream he scrapped him and will be forgotten for eternity... Unless some modder will make such guy.


    - The future updates will be now focused on creating portal of some sort, possibly Teleportato, and Adventure Mode. They don't know how it would look yet. (Sorry if I missed anything about portal sine my Stream was buffering just at the moments when they were mentioning it -_-).


    Half Life 3 confirmed!



    Frogger was just a silly thing Mark came up with a few weeks back xD He didn't design anything or working on him, he just mentioned frogger as a silly thing. I forget the specifics, but go back a few streams and you'll see that Frogger isn't anything but a name, lol. 


    I totally did miss the portal thing though D: <3

  4. Hey folks, at this early stage we don't have any gameplay details on multiplayer just yet. However, just like we did with DS and RoG, we'll be opening up a section to Don't Starve Together's sub-forum where you can share your ideas, feedback, and suggestions for the multiplayer experience. 


    Cool :D Thanks! At this point its all just speculation, but I'm thrilled to see what you guys do with this :D

  5. Well, Maxwell already gets some friends with him! 4 players already in the game just controlled by one person XD

    So I bet you won't be able to choose a character that someone else has already chosen. If it's gonna be 4 players maps, me gonna DEFINITELY have huge map to have a lot of exploring. I'd want to have someone Wickerbottom to have tentacles renewable, Woody because he has an unlimited axe which will save a LOT of flint which is ONLY renewable if you've opened a sinkhole (if not, you're screwed once all the flint has been used up) and plus the OPness of his Werebeever mode, Wigfrid to easily kill enemies and Willow because of her infinite light source and protection from fire without Scalemail.

    What about you, guys? What 4 charactes yoy would want if you played with your mates long term?

    And guys, to make YOUR multi-playthroughs (lol see what I did there?) be awesome, I'd suggest putting Giants, hounds, tallbirds, spiders and may be some other monsters to More before starting the map: cause in the end it would be just as difficult for all of you to play together with More mknsters and for one player monsters on Default. Trust me!


    Still imagine one maxwell with all of his shadow puppets, webber with a bunch of spiders, wendy with abagail, and wolfgang full hunger will a group of piggies. Nothing would stop that force XD

  6. I think that the forums are going to go to hell.


    This might just be true xD I'll admit, I took my turn shooting down multiplayer threads back in the day. But hey, Klei likes to surprise us :D And it doesn't cost any money, so I say it's a win win :) I may personally not like the idea of multiplayer in Don't Starve, but I know plenty of people who would want it. And I am very curious to see what they do