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  1. Yeah, technically it isn't a necro But this topic couldn't be any less relevant now that we have a release date for when DST leaves early-access
  2. I only really play with friends at this point, basically because of everything listed in this topic. But you know what grinds my gears? No mushtree #bringonthemushtrees #Clownbabyneedshismushtrees (No really though, I can't think of anything )
  3. The game won't work without Steam. Regular DS was different, but seeing as in DST you play with other Steam users, you have to be on Steam to play. Has nothing to do with $$$
  4. Replanting is a big gripe with me. It's not that hard. At least let me have the pinecones so I can plant them! I always cut down small trees though. I find it amusing.
  5. These topics never end -.- It's like begging for key before the frontier pack was released. If you seriously cannot afford $5 to play a brand new game, then you can wait and get it for free when it actually released.
  6. I'd have to say this is pretty lame :/ and this looks prettttttty not legit xD
  7. Did you actually sign up for beta? If so, you should be getting 2 keys any day here. If you didn't sign up, just wait 10 more days and buy 2 keys for $5
  8. Frogger was just a silly thing Mark came up with a few weeks back xD He didn't design anything or working on him, he just mentioned frogger as a silly thing. I forget the specifics, but go back a few streams and you'll see that Frogger isn't anything but a name, lol. I totally did miss the portal thing though D: <3
  9. For those of you who didn't see the live stream last night, our main man SethR made some pretty cool announcements. I'd suggest watching the whole thing on youtube, but for those of you who don't want to, I'm going to try and sum up some announcements that were made last night about DST. EDIT: Looks like Klei is going to start selling beta keys on December 15th! For more info, clicky > http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/44729-dont-starve-together-roadmap/ - They have a "target date" for when they'd like to get all the beta applicants in the game. It's December 15th! That means from now, until then, if you signed up for beta back when applications were open, you'll have your key by December 15th (or at least, around that date) You'll also get an extra key for a friend. Keep in mind they have at least 60,000 beta sign ups left. So that's 120,000 keys to send out, so it could take a bit longer than planned - After they hit their target date, they're going to figure out a way to get people in beta that didn't sign up for it. Specifics will be announced around the time of the target date, I would guess - We're getting an update in two weeks! They didn't give us any hints really, but look forward to new content soon. - Klei is having a awesome sale on their real-life products! You can get all your beefalo and figures on sale this November 26th through December 2nd! - Seth loves a good potato. (Everyone knew this already though )
  10. Please Re-post this here: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/forum/17-dont-starve-bug-tracker/ This sounds like a very exploitable bug indeed!
  11. That's just what they do. People will play who they want to play. I'll still be playing Wilson and Wes
  12. Monster, yes. But he wore a plaid shirt and that's all that counts
  13. Cool Thanks! At this point its all just speculation, but I'm thrilled to see what you guys do with this
  14. Still imagine one maxwell with all of his shadow puppets, webber with a bunch of spiders, wendy with abagail, and wolfgang full hunger will a group of piggies. Nothing would stop that force XD
  15. We'd both separate, killing all of the piggies across the land. Then, we'd sit upon our food throne we built and laugh while shoving whole plates of meatballs down our gullets.
  16. Right on, just thought of that. Anyone think this might be too easy though? I have no problem surviving myself, but with another me we'd be unstoppable
  17. This might just be true xD I'll admit, I took my turn shooting down multiplayer threads back in the day. But hey, Klei likes to surprise us And it doesn't cost any money, so I say it's a win win I may personally not like the idea of multiplayer in Don't Starve, but I know plenty of people who would want it. And I am very curious to see what they do