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  1. Thanks, the truthseeker. I'll do that. I do remember when Chrome stopped working. If I remember correctly that's actually the first time I posted in this forum. I've been using the stand alone version ever since. Thanks, Anthony
  2. Cool, I did claim the 2 pages in the Humble Library now they are easy to find. This is where I downloaded them from when I tried install the ROG earlier. I might just need to uninstall it completely and install it again. I've just got a couple of games with people alive for over 200 days (personal best). For the Humble bundle does everyone see Steam and Chrome keys for DS? Or is it just me? Thanks, Anthony
  3. I'm having an issue with the ROG expansion with my stand alone version. This is what I did when I installed it. 1. I just went to the Humble widget and clicked the download (didn't read the forums first, figured it would just install) 2. Read the forums and removed the file the instructions said to delete. 3. Reinstalled Don't starve to make sure I had the latest version (downloaded it from Humble Widget again). 4. Got key challenge and my old keys didn't work (neither the chrome or steam). 5. Tried the new ROG key and that didn't work either. 6. Skipped it and see the ROG screen and have access to it. Whom do need to contact to confirm my keys or fix my install. I got Don't Starve when it was in beta when I used to use Chrome before moving to the stand alone version. I don't know if that matters. Not really sure what I should do. The game can be played but I don't like the key challenge each time I load it.