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  1. Oh, that is a good explaination if it is true, but I was believing that abyssalite natural tiles had no heat conductivity ? So, if I follow you, it means that the abyssalite heats my water all the time, and that my aquatuner is kind of heating the same water it is cooling ... So if I let a tile of CO2 between the ice box and the abyssalite, it would solve my flaking problem and in the same time save some power ? I'll try that. Thank you all.
  2. Hey thanks That could be but the temperature is very cool since I added solar panels to the power grid. Plus it would have either evaporated a full water tile, which is unlikely, or maybe the content of the pipe that runs with 10kg, but it is an insulated pipe. I know such pipes can exchange heat but no way it could let pwater between 1°C and 7°C turn to 120°C in an instant, right ? edit: I missed the "partial" word, that is a thing. I looked it up and found your post I struggle to find where the heat comes from. I can't believe that the bottom adjacent insulated tile would go above 50°C. Anyway I should just remove the icebox altogether, I do not like it very much as it is slow to cool down the forge when all the smelters are smelting.
  3. At first I thought because I had too many polluted water in the box. I still worked as when the aquatuner was running, there was enough pipe length to make room for the water to go out the veen. But suddenly 5kg of water appeared here. it was very annoying because that additional 5kg made the vent overpressured even with the full pipe running, which blocked the pump pipe, so no more cooling. I reloaded and managed to watch the moment where the water appears, but I have no clue about what is going on. Maybe its some of the steam ? Steam pressure is 103kg/tile. Maybe polluted water went to cold and froze (but that would produce polluted ice anyway, isn't it?) In the screenshot there is now 10kg, but I dont know if 5kg appeared twice or 10kg in one shot. So I just emptied it all, and refilled with just 60kg on the top tiles. So this time it still works. I set the thermo sensor to 1°C so no ice block (though I made the whole box go to -4 and couldn't freeze the water to just dig it out :( ) The worst is that I cannot filter it out because the pump does not pull water from that tile space ... So, any idea of why there is water here ? Thank you for reading :)