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  1. To be honest, I didn't had time to try even the 3.0...Busy as hell right now, but still have time for feedback. I'll finaly try the updates in a day or two if I'm lucky. I'll tell you what I think.
  2. The simplest solutions are often the best. Right here, it certainly is. I tip my hat to you, sir.
  3. No, revenge of the dead doesn't need to be updated, I was suggesting plantable graves for the people who aren't using RotD (Ha ! Those poor foolish souls...) Well, I guess you're right about the mushrooms. Asporen and mushtree are the best solution to prevent giant shroom farms. And there might just be a "solution" in the vanilla game... At full moon, mushrooms have a chance of becoming mushtree. But after the full moon, they go back to their previous state : the simple and innocent mushroom. Maybe the mushtree grown through asporen will also go back to a mushroom state after the full moon ? And if not, it's no big deal... the actuel system is already good, I'm just being a bit picky. Pro's : they give light, wood and mushroom Con's : you need an axe, they don't grow back once cut down and you have no way of knowing which cap color it will be when you plant it (or I didn't understood right) Just had this idea : if you want to plant mushroom immediately, you have to give asporen to your bird in his cage and it'll give mushroom seed back. "Musheed" ? It's all becoming quite complicated I guess but I give my idea anyway) As for the plantable butterflies, butter is indeed a very powerfull healing item... Maybe make it that when you plant a butterfly, it becomes fireflies ? Because as everybody knows : captivity do that kind of thing to insects... Trust me, I'm an entomologist. (And fireflies are only renewable through tumbleweed at the moment, so they're kinda rare. Yes, I'm looking at you, miner hat and jack o'lantern.) The choice is up to you, wathever it'll be, I'll use your mods.
  4. I didn't try magic horns yet because it wasn't updated and less important for me than moreplantables and revange of the dead. (that makes me think : what about plantable graves ? You'd need to craft them with something like a rock and a shovel or maybe use bone fragment with a failure chance...) As for the nightmare fuel fertilizer, that would be an excellent and somewhat balanced solution. And about mushroom, maybe do a bit of both : if you want to plant mushroom caps, you need fungus turf, but if you want to plant them anywhere (any turf I mean), you'd need asporen (and they'll become mushtree). I don't know if that's a lot of work, my modding skills are... limited. Very limited. (in fact, I've never created any mod myself) What do you think ?
  5. I must admit, I currently prefer to stick with the previous version. I really liked the instant treeguards and the plantable mushroom via cap. I know it wasn't really balanced, but it was a nice strategical addition. Maybe you'd need more sanity to instantly plant a living log ? which can become a regular tree, a poisonous tree or a treeguard, like in this update ? As for the mushroom, it's just me being lazy... (nice pun nonetheless) The rest is absolutely perfect. Marble tree are a nice addition ! (And yeah, english isn't my native language so there might be some mistakes here and there... As long as you understand what I mean ^^)