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  1. Ikaros skin mod



    A character skin mods from anime/manga title : "Sora No Otoshimono". This mods use Wendy skin as base and will available as a whole new character it will not affect Wendy character so i guess its safe =_=?
  2. Version


    Here's my 2nd character mod. This time its from Final Fantasy 8 : Squall (I believe all of you known him >..>) As you can see in the image theres 3 weapon pre-spawn together with the character. Introduction : Character Perks : PROS : Larger Health, Run Faster, Hit Harder and Faster CONS : Larger Food Consumption a day, Lower Sanity Weapon on the floor : 1. Gunblade : - melee attack, 300 uses, 50 damage, -1 hunger per swing, aoe attack. 2. Flameberg (Orange yellow weapon in image : - fire ranged attack, 25 uses, 100 damage, -1 sanity per shot. - medium yellow light glow when on floor and equiped 3. Thundora (Purple weapon in image) : - thunder ranged attack 5 uses, 500 damage, -20 sanity per strike, large aoe attack. - small purple light glow when on floor and equiped Other detail please find it in game ~_~... this mod still in development so there will be more item and changes added to it. Comment and advice are most welcome. Installation : 1. extract the .rar into your mods folder. (dont_starve/mods) 2. open modsetting and add in : ModManager:AddMod("evolution") ModManager:AddMod("ffili") 3. play ---====SPECIAL THANKS====--- All the mod maker in this forum, without your mod and scripting as reference i couldn't possible to make mod. so once again a BIG BOW from me. And thanks KLEI for this great game. Thanks for reading and using this mod.
  3. Creating your own character

    open tuning.lua in data/scripts/tuning.lua and find armorwood you can find how to adjust.example : ARMORWOOD = wilson_health*3, ARMORWOOD_ABSORPTION = .8,
  4. Creating your own character

    I have this issue also when creating my own character. I solve it with the correct build.bin file. (Exp : i use wendy character skin as base so i use wendy build.bin to create my own character name build.bin file.) hope it help. Note : Dont overwrite the destination build.bin file,as it wont work for me that way...
  5. Creating your own character

    hi guys, this my first time in this forum.i have been trying to create my own character since the character mods is out but have no luck of getting it thru. Please advise me thank you in advance.heres my problem:after made the .tex file and rename the build.bin using the tools and put the zip file to replace the original file "wod" in the anim folder and start the game to test but the game crash when i select that character to play. anyone have this problem and know how to get this thru?Any advise will be deeply appreciated.SamUEdit Note :figured it out myself, sorry for interrupting.