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  1. willow and wilsons reaction to eachother?
  2. ya know, when i was giving the weps, i was trying to make the weps match the character,the ones idk for and or dont have i gave spears, like i gave wes an umbrella
  3. "so thats what you do?"takes stone out and places it in a circle "you got the logs yet?"
  4. starts bucking up rocks for a fire pit, but while picking up a strange looking rock, its actually a eye bone "AAH, an eye!" chester bounces up. "what tha-... never mind" sits down on chester "youll make a good stool for the night"
  5. "close enough" dusk is nearing an end and only a sliver of the sun is visible on the coast.
  6. also could you use "" for when your character is saying something cx
  7. ( [] <these indacate thoughts) [good thing i dont got my jerky on me] "well a mans gotta eat, and if thats meat, well... anyways whats wrong with meat, whatd meat ever do to you?"
  8. "oh, a talking rabbit how nice. yea im a human,you here to kill me too?
  9. Wallace limps over and picks come tall grass and raps it around his wounds, looks up to see the beefalo and you and says," what kind of hell have i been brought into?"