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  1. Gahh my scanner went broke :'( Time to get a new one!
  2. Poor Wilson D: Wait, there are Pigmen and Bunnymen! They can keep him company!
  3. Science *-* so pretty...Gee, I wonder what will happen if Wilson meets GLaDOS...
  4. Wish I had Tumblr, but one question! What do you think of Bunnymen?
  5. omg 3D turkeys I'm starving! So awesome~D'oh, I feel evil with the name I have, but I mean anyone no harm!
  6. Since Photoshop keeps exploding, I'm putting up this old thing!
  7. I've no idea how I got here, but I'm Maximillian McLaggington... Just call me Laggy! I've problems with my sanity though... I can't stand being around spiders and the like!
  8. Ah, thank you! *noms on them* I haven't had candy since... I've lost count already!