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  1. Good stuff! Was wondering: Is it possible to wedge a _G lookup in the code before the input gets executed so that we can add our own stuff as real console commands instead of having an interactive Lua mode? For example typing c_nextday instead of c_nextday() and the code searches _G['c_nextday'] first and calls it if exists, execute normally if not?

  2. What happened to the Workshop version of this?


    I assume this was one of the mods that a random guy uploaded to workshop as his own and got deleted. I made my mods available there so you should be able to see it now.

  3. it still says it is out of date. :(


    Like I said, don't worry about it. API version is mainly for developers, and only a crude fallback option for users if there isn't any better way to tell whether a mod is up to date or not. The game simply checks if a certain number equals 3, and if it does it tells you everything is up to date. Even if the udnerlying code is actually horribly broken and outdated. I use an older api_version to circumvent a bug in the built-in mod manager. This has zero implications on your gameplay experience, the mod is fully compatible with the current version of Don't Starve.

  4. sadly, it says it is out of date


    It's just a number the game checks against in the mod's info file, don't worry about it. The 1.1 version should work just fine.


    if i use this mod, my game crashes when i open the minimap


    Fixed, thanks for reporting.

  5. Nice mod but the recipe is a little OP. Too easy to make and too much slots.


    My thinking was to make it provide slightly less space and cost slightly more than two regular chests would, in exchange for a tad easier inventory management and less base clutter. That said the recipe is not carved in stone.