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  1. Suggestion: Happiness/Grumpiness meter?

    AI, Bot, whatever. Although I did check your profile after I said that (which is silly, because I should have done that first) and I proved myself wrong. Le siiigh.
  2. Suggestion: Happiness/Grumpiness meter?

    EDIT: Farms as in grass/sapling/trees farms. Not "farm" farms.I thought of the "Willow setting herself on fire idea" Because naturally, she sets herself on fire. And it would prove a challenge say if you had farms near your base, you could not go near your farms :3. And it didn't need to be a meter. I just thought of the idea one day and thought I would post it (Thats why my account was just created today, FYI).
  3. Suggestion: Happiness/Grumpiness meter?

    Honestly, I'm just happy to get an opinion. (Although you may be a bot because of that insert stuff, but still.)
  4. While I was playing Don't Starve, I thought of a new idea I thought would be really good. The Happiness/Grumpiness Meter! The Happiness/Grumpiness meter could be altered where if you eat stale/spoiled food, get hurt, or if it rains on you (without an umbrella), that the grumpiness meter would increase. The grumpiness would alter your character depending on the character you have, and slightly increase thier damage. But of course, there has to be a downside to it.Wilson: Beard grows slower and/or gets itchy, decreasing sanity 1/pm per grumpiness level.Willow: Starts setting herself on fire randomly, timer decreases between flames when getting grumpier.Wendy: Gets angrier with herself, starts blaming herself for Abigail's death. -1 Health per 5 minutes, decreases by half a minute every tier.Wolfgang: Gets even more buff, but attacks have a chance to miss because of clumsy grip.WX-78 (Was the robots name?): Hunger module starts malfunctioning, starts losing hunger at a increased rate of 1/mWickerbottom: Prototyped objects have a chance to fail, without returning items. Increases by 5% per tier.Wes: Loses 3 health from maximum health per tier.Maxwell/Waxwell (Whatever): Loses 2 sanity of his starting out sanity regen per tier.I hope you like this idea. You could alter about how you would get happy again (I would think eat like taffy or something) and how you get grumpy. Thank you for your time!