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  1. Webber notes

    I'm guessing for Webber, since I can't feed flowers to pigs I can only pick up manure from Beefalo droppings? :V
  2. Is there any way I can use Paypal for this..? Darn.
  3. The non-animated version here lol
  4. Well. I didn't make a 'character selection' picture like you guys did.. But I tried to make something animated. Was worth a try, I guess~
  5. My current survival mode game with WX-78 doesn't have anymore Bishops or Clockwork Knights coz I killed them all...I heard they don't respawn so..where am I gonna get gears to eat now.
  6. I finally found a sinkhole to a Cave! But I noticed Chester won't follow me out after I leave it.. :S I still have my Eye bone but no Chester up on the surface.EDIT : Okay there's another Chester on the Surface, but he's a 'new' one with no items in it.
  7. I can't find sinkholes to Caves.. I have 2 playthroughs and I don't think I wanna start a new one.In both my current playthroughs I've never seen any Basalts. Do they spawn with this update, or do I have to start a new world?