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  1. Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I have a mod troubleshooter here: Please do not advertise your mods in other people's mods pages. I don't advertise my mods in your's. Thank you very much. Well first I have to be willing to spend $5 just to port mods. :/ Know what I mean?
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    For everybody who's having trouble with Beatrice, there's a troubleshooter in the description above.
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    Simple HUD

    There's a DST version in the Steam Workshop.
  4. Version 0.6122


    So you want to hack the planet, huh? You think you're chill enough? You think you're gnarly enough? You think you're mad fresh to the max? Then check it, keyboard cowboy. This totally rad, ill and fly mod will have you hacking the planet in the dopest of styles. How to Use: Press the "hacker key" (R by default, can be changed in the mod configuration menu) to go into "hacker mode". While in "hacker mode", the game will be paused and you can simply click the object you want to "hack" and a list of options will appear. You can change anything from it's max health, to it's movement speeds, to how much damage it does, to it's diet. You can teleport yourself to it or vice versa. You can kill it, set it on fire, freeze it or just delete it. Do you have a character ideal but don't want to write any code yet? Not a problem! Click your character and starting changing variables! You will be able to recreate over half of the character mods out there and maybe, just maybe, improve on them. You can do so much with so many different things and all of those changes are made to only that one instance of that one object, and if you screw something up, you can just reload the save and everything goes back to normal. In short, you can Hack The Planet! Warning: Reckless hacking of the planet has been linked to crashing of the planet. Exercise common sense when hacking the planet. Custom Component Support: Have a component you made yourself? Want to test it using this mod? Not a problem! Tired of waiting for me to add support for your favorite already existing components? Not a problem! Want to make an expansion for this mod using the tools I made and publish it to the workshop? Not a problem, so long as you do NOT package Hack The Planet with it. You can now add component support yourself from within your own modmain.lua file! The documentation with a list of all builtin tools can be found here: If you are using Always On or any of the RPG HUD mods, Try disabling the option, "Change Backgrounds". Noteworthy Changes: -Added support for custom components. On a serious note, I made this as a tool to help myself and others develop other mods, troubleshoot bugs and more quickly understand some of the inner workings of DS's components. It's also a lot of fun so even if you don't plan to make mods, you can still get a lot of entertainment out of it. This was made with mouse and keyboard controls in mind. Adding controller support will probably never happen. This is not the final version, adding support for all components is a very long, arduous task so be patient. Concerning DST: No.
  5. Nevermind, I found a solution. I made the player perform a dotaskintime function for one second after joining the server while all of the data finishes arm wrestling with each other. I noticed something though. The inst.OnSave function runs when the player joins the server. Any idea if that's a bug, temporary(until OnDespawn is finished), or permanent? Anyways, thank you very much for your help.
  6. And they work within AddPlayerPostInit? Like: AddPlayerPostInit(function(inst) inst.OnSave=somefn1 inst.OnLoad=somefn2end)
  7. I'm trying to save one variable and the usual DS inst.OnSave/inst.OnLoad method isn't working for disconnects/reconnects. Is there some special function or method I need to know about saving data in DST?
  8. I know. I was just using "netvar" as a generic variable name. Like:local stringvar="hello" That RPC handler stuff is pretty important. I wish I had known about it sooner. BTW, what does RPC stand for? Anyhow, that did the trick and now I can finally move on to other parts of the mod. Thank you very much.
  9. No sorry, by "button" I mean imagebutton. It's a series of GUI buttons on the screen. For anybody stumbling across this thread in the future, the first problem was "Push" isn't supposed to be capitalized. Now the problem I'm having is I can't give any items to the player after the button is clicked. I take it the client can't change a server value via inst._netvar:set(var)?
  10. Long story short: I created a series of buttons. When the player clicks a button, all buttons disappear and things happen. One of the things that happen is giving the player an item. Right now that's not happening. From what I understand, all I have to do is: local function eventxfunction() print("stuff happens")endAddPlayerPostInit(function(inst) inst.eventx=GLOBAL.net_event(inst.GUID, "eventxname", eventxfunction)end)AddClassPostConstruct("widgets/statusdisplays", function(self)--blah blah blah button stuff buttonx:SetOnClick(function() self.owner.eventx:Push() end)end)But that gives the error: "push" is a nil value.Am I using net_event wrong or something?
  11. I rephrased my original question, btw. "In other words, would anybody know if it's possible to make an entire world in the program, "Tiled" and load that map instead of doing worldgen?" Does that make more sense?
  12. That's not a bad idea. I found a variable in /scripts/screens/customizationscreen.lua that disables changes to settings(self.allowEdit). But something comes to mind. Will this work with dedicated servers? I don't know about other OS's but the Linux dedicated server has no GUI. So modifying the interface may not be the best strategy. Another question. Is there a way to check which preset was used after the server has started and the world has been loaded? I could simply flash annoying HUD messages gentle reminders on the screen to notify the users that they need to use the custom preset if a different preset was selected.
  13. Like I said, I already saw that tutorial. Here's why it doesn't work for my situation. 1. In order for it to work, it requires the player to select the custom made preset (in the example it's, "My First Worldgen"). That implies it's optional. I don't want that to be optional. I want to force the preset regardless of what options where selected. 2. From what I can tell, it doesn't work with custom gamemodes, due to the custom gamemode not existing in leveltype. If I missed a way to fix that, please let me know. And that's just the first couple problems I saw on the surface. Do you see what I'm saying now? I'm making a custom gamemode and I need a custom map.
  14. Thanks for responding. Yeah I read that but it doesn't seem to have what I'm looking for. (That or I'm just not absorbing the jargon.) Let me give an example. Let's say I wanted to make a VERY small, round, blank, grass map, completely surrounded by water, with the multiplayer portal/spawn point, right in the middle(at 0,0,0). Is there a way to do that?
  15. I've been reading a lot of tutorials and guides on worldgen, and I've been playing with Tiled and so far I've seen some interesting results. BUT what I would really like to do is make a map that is completely static. I don't want any randomization or to mess about with rooms or anything like that. I'm just looking to make a completely handcrafted map that is always the same. Would anyone happen to know anything about this? In other words, would anybody know if it's possible to make an entire world in the program, "Tiled" and load that map instead of doing worldgen? Thanks in advance.
  16. Alright I think I've got the hang of it now. Thank you ladies and/or gentlemen. On a side note, I was getting a lot of weird problems but when I deleted the cached_mods folder, all the weird inconsistencies cleared up. No idea if it's only me experiencing this or not.
  17. Okay I think I'm getting it. What about tags? Are those synced or server only?
  18. Okay let me see if I'm understanding all of this. Server side is where the player exists in full. But client side the player is just a sort of mock entity with only a few components right? Another question, using the example you gave, how would I check if the value server side is true or false? Would inst._isbleeding return it's value or is there another method for getting that information? By that I mean, would I do it like this? if inst._isbleeding==true then--code hereendAlso, for periodic tasks, is that something that needs to be done client side or server side?One more question, what is meant by "dirty"?