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  1. Woo! I'll be able to force my friends to play with me! Still waiting on my closed beta keys, only 3 days left, makes me think I wrote my e-mail incorrectly or something...
  2. Been lurking around on the forums since I departed suddenly last year, sometime. Glad to be back for DST, maybe I'll be a little more active again!
  3. Whoa, that was unexpected! I was going towards a new character not a whole new add-on! This is amazing, I can't wait for summer, it will be the best summer ever!
  4. The boxes are still labeled "alone" and "together" but this seems like a red herring...
  5. Got us all worked up and on Wikipedia!
  6. I go for a year and you guys do this.. I kept trying to get clues but everyone ninjas me! I'll try to help in anyway, I like a good puzzle.
  7. 52 downloads

    First of all I'd like to thank @zeidrich, @ThatBum, @DaverGamer, and @Flekrad for helping me out in some way on my first mod. screenshots were too big!: http://i.imgur.com/gHbNyEq.jpg http://i.imgur.com/LYCaI63.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ankie9Q.jpg Walter Grubworth The Gardening Beetle Hunger bonus from eating veg. Walks slightly faster. Is a little weaker in most aspects. Is more frightened. Also if anyone would like to improve on my amazing art please feel free to do so. Installation: 1. Unzip into steamapps/common/dont_starve/mods in your steam folder. 2. Open Don't Starve 3. Enable in the mods menu. Thanks for downloading, and give me any feedback to help me improve this and future mods.
  8. Btw you realise you have over 9000 replies. ha ha I made it 9002
  9. Basically, I'm doing a trailer for each character in the official trailer style (with some alterations due to limitations). Each video will show off their pros and cons, except Wilson. Feedback is greatly appreciated Completed: Wilson To Do: Willow 10% Wolfgang 10% Wendy 10% WX-78 10% Wickerbottom 10% Woodie 10% Wes 10% Maxwell 10% 10% is music choice. Its a big deal you know! Videos: http-~~-//youtu.be/HBigIy8Tmas
  10. Is it as bad as the version in game? Lol, it looks really good. Where there's food in games, there's a chef.
  11. Powdercakes do nothing for hunger despite being made with food. They also gain a creamy center despite being made purely of corn.(Unless its Adam West's creamed corn...)
  12. If you didn't know, its a creepypasta = FAKE.Its a fairly good one too.
  13. 14. Taking IT at school, and love playing classic games and not annoying fps', though original ones can be OK.