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  1. Ooooo very nice! Id love to see more random NPCs season and biome oriented in the game and why not underwater world similar to caves in future :D
  2. well thats sad, she was my problem solver killing bearger and deerclops for me D: I mean, its one of the best parts of the game to let the monsters duke it out between each other. Guess i'll go exploit it then and have a army of pigs and rabbits beat her down for me while I just dodge and go figure out new ways aside of tree guards to take down deerclops...
  3. Is this intentional? I hope not... Other mobs like pigs and deerclops can go hit her all day but she remains agro on the player until the player is dead. When player is dead, she starts fighting which ever mob attacks her. If player is revived then she stops fighting others and goes after the player again... can you change her ai back to where she fights who ever attacks her pls?
  4. Windows 7 Dont starve together, RofG Upon generating a new world with most settings default (cept fast regrowth, no disease, no wildfire, caves) and one mod that predicts the result of cooking, I found at least 3 times out of 8 the world just spawning twigs instead of twiglings all over the map. Twiglings are always set as default for world generating so I think its an error that the game decides sometimes spawn just twigs instead of twiglings and i ran great distance without finding anything but twigs on the ground with no source like those twigglie trees or skeletons near them.
  5. I could imagine Charlie with a secondary name that would follow the character W rule, like a stage name but Maxwell will still always call her Charlie. She could loose sanity by light source and during day light and be immune to grue attacks in darkness. She would be equipped with night vision and sanity boost in the darkness and times when its getting dark to kind of create a balance so nightmare creatures wont constantly appear to kill her. As special ability item she could also have a rechargeable item that for he cost of sanity gives her some shade or a infinite tent to encourage sleep trough the daylight. As for the grue attack effect on other players, i could see her have a terrible curse that each night her shadow leaves her body and scatters into random directions which kills other players normally. And by each grue attack, Charlie will always reply that she sences another poor soul getting hurt. So its like a part of her is what kills in the darkness. Just some small ideas i wanted to share.
  6. I think the game is still missing parts in storywise... I want to know more about grue and "them" and the idea how it all started. Perhaps the ruins could contain documents, Maxwells old notes, or illusions telling all the missing secrets. Ghosts of previous adventurers spawning from skeletons would be cool. Or make more scary by adding walking skeletons Ill squeal if the main character could be edited in spriter instead of going trough all the limited tools and workarounds. How about ways to tame hounds like raising tallbirds by drooping special cooked meat that they will love to eat so much that they become ally's? If there is going to be a new character then I want it with a tail please! Making own anthro skin would be awesome for that.
  7. In my case the roads saved my butt from hounds since walking on roads gives you speed boost