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  1. Thank you very much. I'm glad you like my traditional artworks. ^^ I plan on doing more.
  2. The bees that can ruin your day if you get too close to their hive.
  3. I also have a DS Halloween in the works though they are all Mini pictures.
  4. Sorry for the really long wait everyone here's the painting finally complete.
  5. Half my brushes got destroyed had to go out and buy new ones :/

  6. Here's part 2 though for a better view go to my DA http://fullmetaldevil.deviantart.com/art/Wilson-Tutorial-part-2-474005602
  7. A Wilson painting tutorial I hope you guys enjoy especially since I had to divide it into quite a few parts so here's part 1. The full sized image is on my Deviant art. http://fullmetaldevil.deviantart.com/art/Wilson-Tutorial-part-1-471212226
  8. Feeling better and planning on getting back to work ^^

  9. Sorry for the long delay everyone I was out due to family and health reasons. I'm presently working on a full sized painting of Wilson and am releasing a tutorial to accompany it.
  10. The aftermath of a Tim Burton movie marathon. For kicks I drew Wilson in a similar style to how various characters in Tim Burton's stop animation films look. The drawing itself is simple but since I'm new to Paint tool Sai I'm still trying to figure out some things but for the most part I think I did ok. *edit* retouched up on some things.
  11. Many many apologies for the long delay but finally here it is the colored version of the infamous Deerclops. This guy gave me a new look on the phrase "time consuming". it's 100% water color paints and lots of patience. His coloring and overall look with based off deer (in terms of antlers) and Caribou (in terms of fur texture). The skull shape is your standard deer skull except I made the forehead larger to support the larger single eye socket. The antlers are deer rather then caribou because caribou have like a slight fuzz on the antlers unlike deer (though is actuality it would have a fuzz on the antlers due to the cold climate). Fur wise I followed the standard pattern of the Caribou having long fur under the neck sort of like a strange beard, I only took that and followed it through to the under belly. The fur around the neck and part of the back is long sort of like a mane (in a way) while the fur on the lower back is shorter. Since the game model is grey I had a harder then hell time finding a animal that was grey and I only found a few photos of a grey colored caribou. Actual deer are mostly brown with some having a slight greyish hue. The Background was a chore and a half within itself. I actually repainted the background twice, the first nearly throwing a fit over and the second settling down some and starting over. The snow in the image is lighter where the creature is mostly cause the way I set up the images was like a "quick snowfall". The snow it heavier on the mountains and reduces to a bit of dusting here and there where the animal is. When I was painting the background we had a rain storm which attributed to the color of the clouds being so dark and menacing. all in all it turned out ok. *edit* This is a updated photo of the Deerclops. I needed to make a few changes and hope you all enjoy. If you see anything let me know ^^
  12. you and me both. I get that D.S is done in a cartoony style but there is also a grim reality that follows the characters and that anything and everything can result in injury or potential death. I tried to bring out that grim reality especially in the project my sister wrote and I illustrated the "Our Twisted World" project. I'm flattered, however I can't sell the painting cause then I'd be breaking a bunch of laws. I do the images out of fun and to show my love for the game. If you want a copy of the paintings you can just copy it strait to your computer. I have no ownership of anything D.S related so the art is free for everyone to enjoy. ^^