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  1. I'm gonna hold out and keep myself blind on this until it's an official update, someone mentioned it's supposedly built in a way that figuring out what to do is intuitive, which made it sounds like there is some sort of riddle fun to be had
  2. If you're a fan of the last couple of years and consider it fine then you're in good hands. I however don't see what you mean with not blaming Klei. What you gave was like a variation of the Nuremberg defence at best, and then it's assuming their hands were tied in the first place? On a personal hypothesis I sense Klei willingly seeking this. This strikes me a little bit as Emperor's new clothes with a gaslighting twist. Saying that Tencent has played a subtle part all along and that Klei's course isn't going to change means nothing to what is essentially a discussion revolving a corpse. The "golden goose" at the very least rotted on me and friends years ago, I'm around to enjoy people seeing the emperor is naked but it isn't much of a plot twist outside of people's reaction. Also sure you can say that the corpse has always been smelling like that if you got close enough, but, it won't give the emperor his clothes back. At the end of the day the game will presumably grow in success either way. Carrion larvae is plenty. Honestly speaking of though... What I do find most intriguing is how minecraft went through a milk-toast similar scenario and is now seeing an actual resurgence. Not the most realized version of itself and how much it really impacted that newfound popularity is questionable but still it's been leaping again. I wonder what's to come from that and it's soon to crackdown microsoft accounts.
  3. I'm concerned about beating a dead horse at their own funeral at this point, but not enough to stop yet. In any case, something tells me if Klei is willing to make this deal then their own morals aren't in the best of places to begin with. And that's not just based on the Tencent deal itself. It'll be a greater part compromised for sure but aeh, I've always had the feeling this and anything following is not just Tencent, that'd be a cop out.
  4. Yes, google the american. The globalist american 1&4. :'D *clap* Boiiii. Morals and ethics ain't paying the bills Loooord hallelujah I feel like, the nature of morals and ethics means that they aren't just reducible to computers and videogames. But ah, if these handfuls of guys needs lunch for a year. Compromising data, what people are now describing as their saviour during Covid Lockdowns. Ooof. And by conclusion those consumer's experience. Spicy. 2. Yeah wonder how that happened, maybe years of seducing wolves makes them integrate, demand adjustments to the new pack. (Uh, off topic but for record; just to disclose my stance, seducing the government and companies of power as intent that is, not the innocent people, although reaching corruption through manipulating those people's spirituality of course) 3. Absolutely when you say their game, with emphasis on for now. On a personal note, I'd argue the rust was growing and damage already caused since just before DST's launch. Klei themselves? Suppose, I mean there are a lot of fans trying to hold on to hope I see. Still even they at this point consider it a bad move all around. And like I mentioned about just before DST's launch, to me this very forum along with the extended community on the outside seems to have been slowly alienated into a purge. A lot of talent vanished. My man, I'm starting to think you're a deliberate planted strawman. You're giving me exactly all I've ever wanted to hear bluntly confirmed. But yeah. We're not target audience, and I've said as much before but I'm not proud of sticking around ever since. Maybe I can partly lampshade it with morbid curiosity.
  5. Not only Whataboutism, that Steam is american and not chinese but yes -let's all be happy for Klei doing what I'm now trying to write off Steam for. What is your angle on this anyway? What's the point being happy or defending any of this, on a personal level. Your replies read as if it's your tencent money on the line.
  6. He was right about the first part of that post at least. Just funny how he'd assume that concluding with "we should be happy for them" would be appropriate.
  7. Hahahah haaahhhahahahahah pfffha!! I'd be hurting if I wasn't already beaten years ago. There is some sick catharsis in a sudden outbreak after years of sensing disease growing within. Of course this company turns their eyes towards china in face of the spiritual bankruptcy corrupting their work's character. Amazing, that it always comes together in the end. Slow burn isn't over of course and there will always be refusal to associate the two, but at least people can see actual root of what I have. Refusal withstanding, and that cracks me up. Embrace wholesomeness™ uwu
  8. I know this isn't a very satisfying answer but there is a mod that does this and I rely entirely on it's existence. Would never play without.
  9. Yeah uh, what connects the fountains to the clockworks except one of the fountains' bulb-shape is close to one of the parts for one of the clockworks? Unless Klei are just humouring themselves with making character dialogue based off of the forums speculations at the time the rest of the fountains look like they are made of thulecite and moonrocks, it would be amusing to imagine Maxwell stumbled upon just the glass bowl alone and from there figured that it's purpose must've been part of a greater plan involving a whole ensemble of robotic chess pieces. Maxwell has to be referring to something else with that quote?
  10. Oh my, Queen Wes is lore? Sorry for going on about hearing voices in my head
  11. Well, yeah, indeed. Part of why I'm pointing it out is because of just that, I find screaming to be out of place when instruments had been established. We just heard Charlie laugh with a human laugh as well. Equally weird is it not? I don't think it's the most far fetched thing to assume this trailer just decided to switch over to human voices for some unknown reasons. Out of place or not. I'm can't lie and say I'm not indisputably interpreting a scream.
  12. I guess I'm gonna have to listen to the in-game sound of the Malbatross because I'm absolutely not hearing it by a long shot in this trailer. Are you wearing headphones or not? I can hear very detached layered screaming, one going "aaauuuu!" sounds too clear throated and human to be part of the Malbatross' much longer lasting screech surely
  13. What about Wes and Warly screaming with human voices just seconds before It would be hilarious if the first voice we ever heard was Wes
  14. So, Klei, um maybe a weird flex, you probably don't have to consider this thing since you are developers most likely fully aware of the ins and outs of performance all and that, by those comparisons I know practically zero code. But despite the odd nature of sharing a random Ted Talk youtube video off all things, maybe there is still something in this that hasn't been considered? If it can even be translated to game applications. Emery sure seemed to know what he was talking about at the very least. You know how it goes, it appeared in recommendations and I'd just figured, what the heck, lmao.
  15. Cheers guys! : ) Bootleg drawings and caricature parody is my lazy way of escaping good accuracy~ It's also a shameless way to steal off of a good foundation, make minor alterations and claim to have made up your own nonsense. yaas.
  16. Boy. Years later, literally. The nature of my existence still produces by-products in the form of 2D imagery. Let's resume the observation and study of these rare findings:
  17. I actually agree, but at the same time, beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Where to could the story have gone if not in this direction? If the story stayed stagnant would anyone still be here? (Though to be fair story moves so slowly it might as well be considered stagnant at this point too) Something so dreamlike about when maxwell was the biggest threat and mystery to this game. The environment design at that point was like a random amalgamation of whatever was going on inside his mad mind. You were wandering an abstract plane of ideas. You couldn't be more trapped in a forever shifting, repeating purgatory than that. Now it feels more physical? Like, nah, this is just a place, it's like an alternate dimension where time moves differently but it's all real place. People lived here, they were real.
  18. I just drowned the instant I tried jumping from land to a stationary boat. Is this bug a different thing that was fixed or was it not fixed after all?
  19. Is the character tree perhaps a reference to the peanuts' christmas special when charlie brown makes a sad looking christmas tree?
  20. I will! Unfortunately at this point I had already gotten ahead of myself and spawned in a new deed, the Slanty Shanty is unlocked in that save now! Should I still upload it for you?
  21. I bought the Slanty Shanty very early in the game and left my deed inside the house on a shelf. During a night of vampire bats attacking me right outside my door I decided to simply bail the entire scenario since I did not fancy the idea of the guards torching my garden up in a blaze. However they seemed to have managed some collateral damage after all while I was running. I didn't see any of the things burn up, especially the house. I only assume it happened off screen, because when I got back in the morning the house was actually all fine already. Wish I could say the same about the garden. Perhaps it was repaired by one of the workers. I'm just more than a little annoyed he apparently decided to change the locks on me as well, now I can't get in at all. I can't access my old deed inside, I can't buy a new deed, and I already tried to hammer it all down and up, back and forth to no avail. That only managed to make the guards upset at me for trying to burgle my way inside my own house. TL;DR: I suspect my house burned down and got repaired off-screen. And now it's permanently locked again somehow. Very insightful screenshot of me being locked out on a cold night.
  22. I tried out the DST version in DST and things are playable but sort of looks wonky, probably due to being outdated. Ghost haunting animation isn't quite right and the select screen doesn't like to display the name at all I hope this sample character could be updated soon?
  23. Haha, I thought the same x) Never heard any audio clip that resembles a laugh but the slow deep one playing in swamps at night. (and day?) I'm sure that the "swamp laugh" are supposed to be frog noises or something though. And I don't mean that the actual frog enemies are making the sound, just that the atmospheric background noise are supposed to be frogs or other creatures.